Eat Up Gourmet Catering

Eat Up Gourmet Catering
Gourmet Catering and Market
Eat Up Catering is the best Antelope Valley catering, because we use only gourmet ingredients and have such a variety of cuisines. Take a look around the our website we really have a lot to offer: from pastries to wedding cakes, plated to buffet style meals, and more.

Eat Up Catering is also here to provide services such as private chefs and lessons, romantic dinners for two, large receptions, intimate gatherings, and edible bouquets. Instead of having to stress about the amount of people coming, getting food done on time, guests showing up early, and running around from store to store looking for the best ingredients; let us do that for you. We use cage-free eggs, gourmet vanilla beans, all natural meats, and spices from The Spice House.

Only the best is used because we cook for you like we cook for ourselves and our families.


Hours of Operation:

Tuesday thru Friday 10:30-7:30

Saturday from 11:00-5:00