March 1, 2013

Use of 2GWLAN is coming!

The Edwards Air Force Portal home page and 412th Communications Squadron Client Services Center site has a list of approved service locations posted along with the process for requesting access to the new Second Generation Wireless Local Area Network. Service locations can also be visually identified by looking for a small off-white box with blinking green lights installed on the ceiling.

In early March, the Second Generation Wireless Local Area Network (2GWLAN) is going operational on Edwards Air Force Base.

This is a sanctioned Air Force wireless network capability targeted to specialized work environments, such as the flight line, aircraft maintenance areas and large conference rooms.

The list of approved service locations will be posted on the Edwards Air Force Portal home page and 412th Communications Squadron Client Services Center site, along with the process for requesting access. Service locations can also be visually identified by looking for a small off-white box with blinking green lights installed on the ceiling.

This is a scarce resource – it has less than one half the bandwidth available to computers physically connected to the Edwards LAN and users share that bandwidth; meaning the more users connected, the slower the speed.

Each 2GWLAN access point can handle no more than 10 to 12 users with useable network speed. To help ensure quality of service, access will be available only to individuals authorized by their unit commanders/directors. Additionally, some service locations may be disabled during elevated FPCON or INFOCON levels.

As a reminder, personal wireless devices (iPads, routers, wireless printers, laptops, commercial phones, etc.) are not authorized for use on Edwards AFB networks, wired or wireless. Should a personal device be found connected, it will be confiscated and the owner may face disciplinary action. However, there are a limited number of commercial wireless networks on base that have been approved for personal and public use: Base Library, Starbucks, the Oasis Recreation Center, etc.

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