Air Force

March 29, 2013

Squadron, group command application process underway

Debbie Gildea
JB San Antonio-Randolph, Texas

Development teams from various Air Force specialties will convene between May and September to consider eligible officers for 2014 squadron command and deputy maintenance and deputy mission support group commander positions, Air Force Personnel Center officials said today.

Suspense dates for statements of intent vary depending on position and career field. Interested officers should go to the myPers website and review Personnel Services Delivery Memorandum 13-20 for the DT schedules and SOI suspense dates, said Joe Marchino, AFPC line special assignment branch.

ìOfficers must communicate their intentions on the Airmen Development Plan SOI to be considered for a position,î said Marchino.

SOIs must be routed through the senior rater to appropriate AFPC assignment teams by the dates provided in the PSDM. In addition to functional command opportunities, officers may also apply for recruiting, student, training, or air base squadron command consideration.

Officers serving stateside or overseas long tours must have 15 months time-on-station as of Jan. 1, 2014, or be in an otherwise must-move status (e.g., intermediate or senior developmental education graduates, overseas short tour return in calendar year 2014).

Officers assigned to joint duty positions are eligible for squadron command, but they must be able to complete at least 24 months of a 36-month joint duty assignment tour, preferably prior to June 1, 2014, but no later than their projected departure date for command, Marchino explained.

ìBased on manning needs, some career fields consider officers with less than minimum TOS for ëfly-upí consideration in such situations as forecast vacancies at current or already projected duty locations,î he said.

Grade criteria also vary among the different specialties, so officers are encouraged to visit their respective career field web pages for details.

AFPC will release DT panel results in late October 2013. Officers selected for the command candidate lists are considered volunteers for worldwide opportunities, including extended deployment command opportunities.

For more information about these and other command opportunities and other personnel issues, go to myPers at Enter ìPSDM 13-20î in the search window.

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