August 29, 2014

Fly Over: ‘Adventure Time’ and ‘Wolfenstein: The New Order’

Pedro Mota and James Hensley


‘Adventure Time’

Usually when I want to relax or just have some “me” time I play a video game, watch a movie, work out or do something exciting. I usually don’t watch television shows, but when I heard about the show “Adventure Time,” I gave it a look.
The episodes are pretty short, on average about 11 minutes per episode. After about six or seven shows, I kind of got hooked and started watching it daily. It’s more of a children’s show but has some content only an adult would understand. It is interesting and really relaxing for some odd reason.
The first season started with an episode that looked like it belonged in the middle of the season. It confused me at first, but when I started watching more episodes, I noticed a random pattern. The show itself is a puzzle.
“Adventure Time” takes place a thousand years after the Great Mushroom War that destroyed mankind. The radiation leftover from the war changed all the animals and beings on the planet to something less natural. The humans that tried to hide underground mutated into fish people, due to all the chemicals and toxins that washed into the sewers and physics was altered due to unexplained forces.
The stars of the show are Finn the human and Jake the dog. Finn is believed to be the last regular human in this timeline of planet Earth, while his best friend Jake is a magical dog that can stretch his body as far as he would like or shrink it.
In this world there are princesses for just about everything. There is even a space princess, who has the best manners and respects everyone … actually, I’m just kidding. She’s a total slob and thinks very highly of herself, but it’s in a harmless and very humorous way.
The smartest of all is Bubblegum Princess who rules the Candy Kingdom. The inhabitants of the Candy Kingdom are made from sugar and resemble either candy or delicious sweets. She is typically the main princess that assigns Finn and Jake quests, which include finding precious materials for her science projects.
When Finn and Jake go on interesting and unusual adventures, they usually encounter weird animals that seem like they’re evil, but they find out they’re just misunderstood.
For instance, one of the hero’s main villains is the Ice King Simon. Simon is one of the only survivors of the Great Mushroom War. He survived by finding an ancient artifact known as the Ice Crown. The Ice Crown gave Simon an unusually long life and also gave him the power to control ice and snow. He found out the crown’s side effects after putting it on for the first time. The longer he kept the crown on, the more it affected his memory and mental capacity. It ultimately made him lose his mind.
The vibe the show gives off is that evil was conquered until the discovery of the Lich King, who is shown as a grim half-rotted giant skeleton with horns. The Lich is the last remnants of pure evil from the war.
The show is definitely a fun time for children and adults with a sense of humor. Even the language is pretty odd and funny. Words that are considered bad are replaced with words that are innocent.
It’s a pretty nice show for a kid to watch, especially because it teaches children to not act like hoodlums, but to act on their courage and do the right thing. Another neat thing that I really enjoyed about the show is that every episode contains a small hidden piece of the whole picture.
Overall, I really enjoyed the show and all the different aspects of it. It is definitely a show that has a new perspective on cartoons, and for that and many other reasons, I gave it four stars. I’d say give it a chance and watch a few episodes with an open mind.



‘Wolfenstein: The New Order’

Tired of playing games designed around multiplayer, I thought I’d try the Wolfenstein game. Having seen the trailer multiple times and getting hyped up for its release, I was not disappointed at all. The game had all the thrills of a first-person shooter and a story compelling enough to keep you playing and wanting more.
The storyline in this game is an alternate history timeline of World War II in which by the end of the war, the Nazis had beat the U.S. to making the atomic bomb and gained the upper hand.
The events of this game take place three years after the previous Wolfenstein game timeline in July 1946. The Nazis have developed advanced weaponry and turned the tide of the war against the Allies. In this game you play as U.S. Special Forces operative Capt. William B.J. Blazkowicz. You begin by waking up inside a bomber heading to make a last-ditch effort to raid against the Nazi weapons manufacturing facility. The air raid is a complete failure and Blazkowicz and his comrades are captured by Gen. Wilhelm “Deathshead” Strasse, commander of weapons development and research for the Nazis.
Strasse forces Blazkowicz to choose one of his comrades for execution to benefit the Nazis research, and leaves Blazkowicz and the survivor in an incinerator. Blazkowicz and the survivor escape, but Blazkowicz is hit in the head with shrapnel and slips into a vegetative state.
He gets sent to a psychiatric asylum where he is cared for by the head nurse Anya Oliwa for 14 years. Over these years he sees and hears everything going on around him but cannot move. He watches as Oliwa and her family endure the Nazis coming to take their patients for research. In the year 1960, the Nazis show up again to shut down the asylum and execute all the patients. Oliwa’s parents attempt to stop the Nazis but are murdered as Oliwa is dragged away. Right before one of the Nazis tries to execute Blazkowicz, he regains his motor functions and kills the Nazi.
Blazkowicz saves Oliwa and they drive to her grandparents’ home. Blazkowicz learns of what became of the world while he’s been “away.” The Nazis won the war by forcing America to surrender after dropping an atomic bomb on one of its cities.
After learning this he captures and interrogates a Nazi soldier who tells him where the top resistance fighters are being held by the Nazis. No spoiler here, but it is pretty awesome how he gets the Nazi to tell him they are being held at a high-security prison in Berlin.
I can’t tell you too much of the story, but I can tell you about the fighting style.
The gameplay of Wolfenstein is quite impressive. It uses a combination of multiple first-person shooter styles, and while taking cover you can lean out from cover to fire weapons. Depending on your play style you can use stealth to gain the upper hand over most of the game, or you can go in guns-blazing shooting everything and anything in your way. You can unlock skills to make your character a better fighter. There are also three skill trees full of different abilities: stealth, dual-wielding and explosives. You can play through the whole game and play on the same save without losing any of these abilities, which comes in handy if you like playing the hardest difficulty setting of a game.
All in all, this game was amazing, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun first-person shooter style game with a great plot. Be warned, however, that Wolfenstein has a Quentin Tarantino style of violence with gratuitous amounts of blood that can be graphic.
This game is rated M for mature.

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