March 8, 2012

BCD kicks off West Coast Tour in Yuma

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Members of the Marine Corps Drum & Bugle Corps stand poised to play a set at the Marine Corps Air Station Yuma parade field, March 1.

The Marine Corps Battle Color Detachment kicked off its West Coast tour with a performance at MCAS Yuma, March 1.

The detachment performed for station personnel on the parade field, moving toward the public with a performance at Kofa High School the same evening and Gila Ridge High School Friday.

The Battle Color Detachment, comprised of the Marine Drum & Bugle Corps and the Silent Drill Platoon, come to Yuma annually to practice in its agreeable climate.

The detachment’s time in Yuma is spent perfecting its drill and marching technique, entreating viewers to a performance built upon several decades of Corps tradition.

“It’s really getting to represent all the Marines in the Marine Corps, especially the Marines that are deployed out in Afghanistan and overseas and stuff like that,” said Lance Cpl. Carlton Williams, Silent Drill Platoon rifle inspector.

The Battle Color Detachment literally travels all over the world, bringing their talents to the public and expressing the perfectionist mythos surrounding Marines.

Williams also stated being part of the Battle Color Detachment is a way to represent Marines who are deployed to combat zones.

“The public can’t see what they’re actually doing so we just want to have a good face for the entire Marine Corps,” he said.

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