March 22, 2012

5 Questions for the Sonoran Pueblo Assistant Director

Do you see an increase in business during WTI and how does that effect the Sonoran Pueblo?

Business has picked up a great deal during WTI. The importance of WTI on this base is that the following weeks this base is going to see a lot of businesses picking up and  it shows the public that we play  a very important part in the Marines’ education in regards to training. The Sonoran Pueblo Club will benefit from the WTI patronage immensely. We, the staff of the Sonoran Pueblo Club, will try to accommodate our schedule according to the WTI schedule so that  we can support the morale and recreation for the Marines best regards.

Are there any special events held during WTI?

We are having Wednesdays 50 cent Wings specials and Mongolian BBQ. We have the Pub menu from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. every night.

March 22 we have a Steak Night.

March 31 we have a  Wild West Country Night.

The month of April we will be having the 70’s and 80’s Retro Party.

April 7 Yuma’s Got Talent

April 14 Glow Party

April 21 Naughty Girls & Nerds Night

April 28 we will have a Farewell Party

We will have a Cigar night, 1st Flight Thursdays and a “Rack’em, Shoot’em and Shuffle night”

How do things change during WTI?

The Club gets busier during WTI, we hire more labor during this period.

What events/services does the Sonoran Pueblo offer all year round?

We offer wedding packages ,Quinceañeras, Anniversaries, wetdowns, hails & farewells, and retirement ceremonies.

Are your hours extended during WTI or meal times changed?

Our hours are extended during WTI. We have the bars open every night and a pub menu from 1700-2200 every night except on Wednesdays when we have a Mongolinan BBQ.

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US Army, Raytheon achieve first inflight lethal intercept of low quadrant elevation rocket

YUMA PROVING GROUND, Ariz. – Raytheon successfully intercepted and destroyed a low quadrant elevation 107mm rocket as part of the second series of guided test vehicle flight tests of the Accelerated Improved Intercept Initiative program. The intercept is a major test milestone before the U.S. Army live-fire engagements begin in September. “Beginning only 18 months...

New Navy vessel named after Yuma

The U.S. Navy has decided to name one of their newest Joint High-Speed Vessels after the city of Yuma, Ariz., forming an even deeper bond between the local community and our military. Political officials from the state of Arizona and the city of Yuma were informed of the decision by the Honorable Ray Mabus, Secretary...

Navy to name new vessel after city of Yuma, Ariz.

U.S. Sen. John McCain of Arizona is praising the Navy’s decision to name its latest Joint High Speed Vessel after the city of Yuma. McCain says the naming is a “worthy recognition of the people of Yuma and all they do to support the men and women of our military.” Navy Secretary Ray Mabus says...


Welcome home

Marine Corps photograph by Lance Cpl. Uriel Avendano Cpl. Jose Luis Hernandez, a Marine Attack Squadron 513 power line mechanic and a native of Willacoochee, Ga., proposes to his longtime girlfriend Zuleika Oleo, a native of Yu...
Marine Corps photograph by Lance Cpl. Zachary Scanlon

Yuma community residents adopt a squadron

Marine Corps photograph by Lance Cpl. Zachary Scanlon Left: Debi Mustain, the Coyote Ranch assistant troop committee coordinator and a native of Yuma, Ariz., and Peggy Munger, the Coyote Ranch troop committee coordinator and a ...

MCAS Yuma H&HS Field Meet

Marine Corps photograph by Lance Cpl. Uriel Avendano Marines from Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron, based out of Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, Ariz., took part in a squadron-wide field meet in which all the sections comp...


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