March 22, 2012

Opinion: Is technology eating our children

Sgt. Daniel Malta

This day and age, technology can be found aiding every part of our life from waking up to the sound of an alarm clock to popping back a chemically engineered sleeping pill while turning in for the night.

The entertainment industry for one has gotten so advanced that in the last 100 years, man can sit down while waging war, flying threw space, playing football or just about anything else through video games and movies.

During this past airshow, I found myself thinking about how simply amazing it was seeing a giant piece of metal flying in the sky. Because of mans ingenuity and hard work, the once impossible is now possible. While I was having this thought, I noticed in the corner of my eye a small boy of about eight with his head buried in a portable gaming system.

Here this amazing thing was happening in front of him with bombs exploding and planes doing barrel roles through the sky but this child could care less.

I guess after catching Pokemon, fighting an intergalactic war against aliens and crashing the Millennium Falcon on tatooine, it would take a lot more than an airshow to stimulate the mind.

It made me angry and sad at the same time. This child’s parents couldn’t care less that his mind was melting, just like I’m sure most other parents are willing the risk if it gets them a few extra quite minutes to relive their youth and party like it’s 1985.

Well it’s not 1985 and it sure as hell isn’t 1950, where most of the jobs in America where in America, where childhood obesity wasn’t an issue and where Americans were among the brightest in the world.

We’ve given into these luxuries for years and we’re so used to having things done for us by technology we can’t even go outside and throw a ball with our kid or throw him up on our shoulder so he can get a better look at the airshow.

There’s no need to be interested in how planes fly or how the human body works, I’m sure having extensive knowledge on the Star Wars Universe timeline will be much more beneficial.

Us, along with our children, need to be properly stimulating our minds with new languages and well written books not video games and poorly written soap operas.

There’s only one way to move forward, and it’s by becoming better, stronger and smarter.

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