April 12, 2012

Gateway Park

Cpl. Shelby R. Shields
Desert Warrior Saff
Photo courtesy of http://www.joanlansberry.com

Gateway park located downtown right on the bank of the Colorado River is a fun-filled place for all ages.

It offers playgrounds, picnic areas, barbecues, grassy fields, plenty of shade and of course the river, perfect for birthday parties, office picnics and many other outdoor group events.

As the Yuma summer is fast approaching, this park becomes a hot spot for families or a group of friends to get in the water and cool off.

The park is relatively clean and the water is perfectly safe for a summer dip.

All of the park equipment is relatively new with the nearly $4 million renovations it underwent back in 2007.

Photo courtesy of http://www.joanlansberry.com

If you’re looking for a secluded get away its probably better to visit gateway park in the fall, winter and early spring. It can get very croweded during the summer months and doesn’t offer the same type of serenity as it does during the “cool” Yuma season.

Another interesting feature is the view of the train bridge. Even though it is no longer in use, it can still be a nice site for tourists.

I highly recommend this park for anyone looking for a fun way to beat the Yuma heat this summer.

Gateway Park is located at 259 South Gila Street.

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