April 19, 2012

Opinion: The power of friendship

Cpl. Aaron Diamant
Desert Warrior Staff

Anyone who’s actually read any of my editorial pieces knows I’m a fan of ranting, raving and complaining. Let’s face it; Marines complain, a lot. Some of us are even quite good at it. I myself almost have it down to a science.

In a strange change up for me, I’m not going to be doing any of that this week. In fact, I’m going to say some rather nice and encouraging things! Brace yourselves; I’m not sick, I haven’t fallen off the deep end, I’m just in a strangely good mood, and here’s why:

I was recently reminded how important it is to have good friends, and in the simplest of ways; a bunch of us simply went and hung out together.

It’s amazing how a few hours of good company and good food can make everything else disappear. Any bad things going on in life, heck, even the good stuff, all fade away and you focus on having fun with the people around you.

Being somewhat of the old man in the office, I don’t really go out much anymore, I usually park my butt on the couch and watch TV. And before anybody tries to say I’m not old, I’m an almost 27-year-old corporal. Comparatively, I’m old. But, spending a few hours having fun with my good friends was refreshing. It had been way too long, and I work with most of them every day!

Having good friends can turn a good day into a great one, and a not-so-good day into a decent one.

I think an important part of having good friends is being one in return. If you have a good friend that’s just as willing to listen to the hardships and trials in your life as they are to hear about the triumphs and greatness, consider yourself lucky, and be willing to do the same in return.

As humans, we have an internal instinct to foster relationships with other human beings. It is important for us to pick who we have these relationships wisely, because our friends influence our actions and behavior.

If you choose to associate with bad people, that would be where the term, “guilty by association” comes into play, and you should probably find some new friends.

On the other hand, if you surround yourself with good people, as I am fortunate enough to have done, you improve yourself and those around you.

The fact that most of us work together, or at least in the same industry, helps us to have a common ground. Our likes and dislikes of the job are similar, both military and civilian. Whether we are sharing in a joyous moment, or commiserating a common grudge, we are all having a good time and laughing about our situations.

In short, thanks friends! You guys and gals are great, and make being stationed here much more tolerable, even after three years of blood, sweat and beers! (Men don’t cry)

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