May 3, 2012

Earth Day Message 2012

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MarAdmin Number: 222/12  2012

Environmental considerations have a significant impact on our mission as a marine corps, both directly and indirectly. As a fighting force, we recognize the interdependence of our mission, the environment, and the communities in which we operate, both at home and abroad. Good environmental stewardship protects the condition of and access to the training areas that are integral to making marines. It also allows future generations of marines and our surrounding communities the same benefits from our planet that we enjoy today. Earth day offers us a chance to reexamine the way we do business in consideration of our environment.  Sound practices that consider and minimize our environmental impacts serve to minimize our logistics footprint, reduce our operational costs, ensure the health of our forces and enhance force protection.  I challenge all commanders to ensure that impact mitigation measures such as waste reduction, recycling, minimized energy use and proper waste disposal are being used at their commands. I challenge environmental program managers to pursue and exploit opportunities for partnerships, both within and outside of dod, to achieve environmental goals. I challenge all marines, sailors, civilians, and their families to consider the impact of individual actions and make changes that will protect our environment, increase our sustainability and set a positive example throughout the world. As good environmental stewards, you are all contributing directly to the mission success of the marine corps every day. Earth day is recognized on 22 april. The Corps theme for this years earth day is partnering for a greener future. Our installations are participating in a wide variety of activities to raise awareness of our environmental impacts and to reaffirm our commitment to safeguard the earth and its resources. Whether you are at home or abroad, I encourage everyone to use this earth day to reflect on our mission as marines, which includes a standing obligation to protect our environment as we protect our nation, in the air, on land, and sea.

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Don’t let outside opinions determine your situation

If you have ever told someone you are stationed in Yuma, the common response might have been, “Oh wow, that stinks.” Or something along those lines. Most Marines would probably agree, but let me provide some food for thought. As a daughter of a former master sergeant and air-winger, my dad always told me, “Every...

News to Use July 26, 2012

Hard Road Closure Access to Airport Loop between Avenue A and County 14th is CLOSED due to a sink hole until further notice.  This includes access to emergency vehicles.   2012 Hiring Our Heroes Veterans Event Please join us for a FREE one-of-a-kind hiring fair sponsored by Hero2Hired (H2H) for job seekers and employers, August...

Fact or Fiction? July 26, 2012

Q:  When do I have to use any extra accumulated leave by?   A:  According to MARADMIN 390/12 all additional leave exceeding 60 days must be used by Sept. 30, 2013. Submit your question to editor.deedub@gmail.com


5 Questions: Sgt. Lydwin Grizzle

1. What is a ground safety manager? A ground safety manager ensures the safety of all personnel in the workplace through training, safety stand downs, assigning collateral duty safety representatives in work places and annual work place inspections.   2. What are some common work place safety issues? There are a variety of issues that...
Courtesy photo of the Veteran’s Home

Brewer Applauds Official Federal Recognition of Tucson Vet Home

PHOENIX – Governor Jan Brewer today announced that the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has designated the Arizona State Veteran Home in Tucson an officially-sanctioned State Veteran Home.

Paint It Red

Photos by Lance Cpl. Sean Dennison Food service specialists Pfc. Justine Strickland, a native of Dallas, and Lance Cpl. Jhon Betancurt, a native of Lauderhill, Fla., paint the interior of the station chow hall as part of a general renovation of the facility, July 24. Food service specialists Pfc. Justine Strickland, a native of Dallas...


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