May 17, 2012

Opinion: Let one down, let all down

Sgt. Daniel Malta
Desert Warrior Staff

Everybody has their job, and from time to time everyone fails to accomplish their job. What separates the men and women who fail is the integrity to own up to the mistake, which is easily the most difficult part of any job.

When it comes down to it, that brief moment of uncertainty before deciding on whether or not to own up is so stressful that sweeping the problem under the rug for a later date is usually the more enticing decision.

The problem is it always resurfaces and by that time has grown into a huge uncontrollable lie that is going to get you in trouble or possibly fired.

This may be reason enough to do the right thing but all in all is a selfish reason. Why should the only motivating force behind doing the right thing be just, “I don’t want to get in trouble”?

What kind of person doesn’t think about everything else they affect by making a decision?

At work, there are people above and beneath you and almost always that relationship you share with those people is symbiotic. They need you just as much as you need them and everybody serves their purpose. When there’s a break in the chain, everyone suffers in one way or another because the obligation between everyone has failed.

When something breaks or fails, that’s usually not a good sign. It diminishes not only the integrity of the individual but the collective or organization he falls under.

For example, if one Marine does something horrible while deployed and it goes viral, the rest of the Marine Corps is labeled for whatever was shown, which intern discredits the mission of the Corps and everything Marines stand for. The recent examples are clear examples of this, with the media and social backlash becoming a problem for commands everywhere.

By joining the Marine Corps, we became a part of something bigger, and the sooner we realize “No man is an island, entire of itself,” the sooner we can really start to benefit each other.

Though, maybe your understanding of semantics isn’t the issue, and you truly are a selfish person. Well that quote from John Donne can just as easily apply to you.

No one goes out of their way to help someone who consistently shows themselves to be selfish. Friendship, help, advice, and many other intangible goods that you might depend on one day will be completely out of reach because of that selfish lifestyle or thought process.

People are inherently good and regardless of whatever mistake you may have made, honesty will always be the prevailing trait next to failure.

It’s important to remember this, even more important to note most people forget that. It starts with the individual to change who you are.

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