June 28, 2012

A different degree of martial arts for Marines

Local karate club shows Marines a world outside MCMAP

Lance Cpl. Zachary Scanlon
Desert Warrior Staff

Luis Larios, Larios Karate Club sensei and a Yuma, Ariz. native, demonstrates to his students how pressure points affect the body at Larios Karate Club June 25.

German Angulo, Larios Karate Club student instructor and Los Angeles native, punches a training pad during a workout session at Larios Karate Club June 25. Each day starts with martial art related warm ups to loosen up the students before the actual training routine.

Got your black belt in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program but want to continue to expand your martial arts skills?  

This class is also beneficial for Marines because it does not just teach how to fight but how to survive.  It also teaches that there are no rules when it comes to being in a kill or be killed situation.Luis Larios shares, when training in any kind of fighting, it is important to not limit yourself to one style. Try and develop a more well-rounded approach.Larios Karate Club is a local martial arts class that teaches students Okinawa Kempo and Kyusho Jitsu styles of fighting. It gives Marines a different style of fighting other than being in MCMAP.

Included at the beginning of each class is a work out regiment to help keep the students in physical shape, which is also paramount in the Marine Corps.

For more information, call Larios Karate Club (928) 726-1258.

The studio teaches a form called Kyusho Jitsu which is similar to martial arts taught as a part of the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program.

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Courtesy photo by Mr. Roberto Pou, MCCS Yuma Assistant Athletic Director

The Gridiron: MCCS’ Flag Football Championship

“Football is like life – it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority.” – Vincent Thomas Lombardi

MAWTS-1 competes in bowling tournament for bragging rights

Marines from Marines Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron one gathered at the Cactus Bowl at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma to compete for bragging rights within their shop Nov 1.

Take it to the mat

Lance Cpl. Bill Waterstreet with Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron wrestles an opponent in the 170 pound weight class during a wrestling tournament hosted by Semper Fit Oct. 4 at the MCAS Yuma gym. Seven wrestlers were awarded gold for their victories during the tournament. Semper Fit hosts a wide variety of tournaments and intramural sports...


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H&HS triumphs in station golf tourney

The gentleman’s sport. An arena where etiquette, fair play, and sportsmanship prevails, even in the amateur ranks.
Photos by Lance Cpl. Bill Waterstreet

Yuma’s Olympians

The Olympians on NBC are not the only competitors of their type. For the past 28 years, Yuma, Ariz., has been host to some amazing athletes…


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