June 28, 2012

Chaplain’s Corner: Keeping your life “stress free”

Lt. Cmdr. Timothy Powers
MAG-13 Chaplain

Lt. Cmdr. Timothy Powers

Every once in awhile I remind myself not to worry about negative outcomes that I can’t control.  I have to do this because the worry habit gets started so easily and so often that a frequent reminder not to worry is in order for me.  Psalm 37 especially helps me put in check this habit.

While on a 31st Marine Expeditionary Deployment retired SgtMaj Elmore from Hansen Christian Center taught me and a group of Marines on this psalm for several weeks during a Scripture study and prayer time.  Just the deliberate reading of the first verse takes the edge off of worry, “Do not fret.”  Elmore repeated it often as he was teaching.  These simple 3 one syllable words made so much sense.

But what about the busy evildoers and workers of iniquity?  In Psalm 37 God promises final judgment for their deeds.  And in the meantime God pledges trustworthiness, belonging, nourishment, delight, and rest to those who seek to find their pleasures in the Lord’s goodness.

One of the ways a person can experience the reality of God’s pledges to us is prayer.  And prayer is a mighty weapon to combat worry as well.  We gain trust and see our dependence on God and the support of others when we practice prayer.  When we experience that God hears prayers and answers in God’s good timing, then we break out of the worry habit.  Prayer also unleashes us to take all the personal actions that we can do to make our situation better.  May God give us wisdom to cast aside worry.


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