August 3, 2012

Chaplain’s Corner: Get Excited!

Lt. James Johnson
MWSS-371 Chaplain

If you listen outside your window you will hear the voices of the combined choirs. The children are singing in anticipation to the beginning of the new school year. The parents are raising their voices in harmony welcoming this new academic year; same event evoke different motivations.  This is amusing; however different, the parent’s motivation for the children’s new and upcoming challenges can only be shared and understood by other parents (wink, wink).

No matter what the individual motivation for the traditional beginning of fall season, enthusiasm and faith are key components to a child earning good grades, learning new material, and embracing the challenges bridging them both together. Exercising enthusiasm, that feeling of eagerness and passion, prepares the young mind and active spirit for meeting new friends, looking forward to homework and having fun in the process. Parents need to have fun with this time of year! Know that your level of excitement is directly related to your children’s level of success and to their can-do positive attitude.

Exercising faith is also a major piece.  Stay with me, I am going somewhere. Don’t stop reading because you fear I am going to talk about the Eternal creator and His desire for your life and His desire to have a nurturing relationship with you.  Important as that is, that is a topic for another day.

Parental units, shapers of young minds, in-house role models take a look at your expectations for those little ones who look up to you. When you set the achievement bar high and when you actively show faith, an outward belief that your child can learn and develop, they will meet your expectations. When you believe in the little one’s abilities to earn success and embrace challenges they will move heaven and earth to reach your expectations. And if nothing else, they will put the game controller away and give the TV remote to Dad until after their studies are complete and they’ve read a book or magazine for a minimum of thirty minutes.

So as you pray with your children before they leave for school in the morning and before they close their eyes for the evening, I will also be praying that your family gets closer as a unit.  Get excited and empower your children to do well in school. Set them up for success.

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