September 27, 2012

The Secrets of the FBI

Book Review

Pfc. Brendan King
Desert Warrior Staff

Ever wonder what goes on deep within the Halls of the Pentagon or get curious of just how many stories have been kept a secret from the American public?

Ronald Kessler, a former investigative reporter, begins to tell just some of these stories in his book “The Secrets of the FBI.”

In The Secrets of the FBI, a New York Times Bestseller, you begin to realize just how little we know about the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The story takes you to the very beginning of when someone first becomes an FBI agent and lets you feel like your apart of some of these stories that most of the American public is unaware of.

When becoming an FBI agent, not even these agents family members know what they are doing or where their going when they say they’re leaving on a “business trip”. These agents lives  become one big secret.

When reading about the FBI training center, you find out that agents are taught how to break into homes, offices, mob dens, and embassies without getting caught.

In reading The Secrets of the FBI, you will learn things even very recent to today you didn’t know. For example, after Osama Bin Laden was killed, the FBI could not match his fingerprints and have still yet to do so. Or, humorist stuff like Robert F. Kennedy borrowing the personal car of the FBI agent in charge of the Los Angeles field office to secretly visit Marilyn Monroe just before she took her own life.

In reading about these stories you find out this is just small information compared to the real secrets we do not know about as of today.

As military personnel, we should try to stay informed about what exactly our government is doing and what actually goes on deep inside the Pentagon. Based off of Kessler’s unparalleled access to hundreds of current and former FBI agents, Kessler delivers an eye-popping story.

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