October 4, 2012

Paul Laurent, Disbursing Liaison

5 Questions

1. Briefly, how does the DTS (Defense Travel System) work?

DTS is a fully integrated, electronic, end to end travel management system that automates Temporary Duty Travel (TDY) for the Department of Defense (DOD).  It allows travelers to create AUTHORIZATIONS, book reservations, receive approval, generate VOUCHERS for reimbursement, and direct payments to their bank accounts and the Government Travel charge Card (GTCC) vendor, all via a single Web Portal.

2. What are the most recent changes to DTS?

Beginning October 1, 2012, any travel authorization that includes air travel must be approved and ticketed at least 72 hours in advance of the scheduled flight departure to avoid airline reservations from being cancelled. This is due to a new policy being instituted by the airlines under the FY13 GSA City Pair contract. Those travelers making travel plans within 72 hours of departure must have their authorization approved and tickets issued within 24 hours of creation to avoid cancellation. If making travel plans within 24 hours of departure, authorizations must be approved and ticketed at least 6 hours prior to flight departure time.

3. What is the most common gripe you’ve heard on station?

DTS is slow; not user friendly.

4.What can Marines do to better prepare themselves for using DTS for government business?

An individual can go to the DTS main page at; and do the online training to familiarize themselves with how DTS operates.  Each organization is set up differently but here at the Installation/HHS Organization we have trained individuals designated as Non-Defense Entry Agents (NDEA) in each department/division who either creates the AUTHORIZATION/VOUCHER or who assist the individual. We are also the Tier 2 Travel Support Section for the Installation/HHS Organization and will assist the traveler when the NDEA is not available or there is a situation above the NDEA capabilities.

5. How does DTS affect Marines on TAD or FAP orders when serving with a unit outside their parent command?

Any Marine that is TAD for more than 30 days (TAD excess), should be administratively attached to that TAD Command for admin support and moved under that commands organization for DTS support. For TAD less than 30 days, the individual is still supported by their parent command.  Some DTS Administrators have Read Only Access (ROA) which means we have the capability to “see” all AUTHORIZATIONS/VOUCHERS Marine Corps wide but are not able to make adjustments to the documents. FAP personnel essentially become part of the FAP command and should be under that Command’s DTS organization.

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