October 11, 2012

You fight for it, make your vote count

Cpl. Jolene Bopp
Desert Warrior Staff

Let’s face the facts, most politician’s do not care about young voters. Why should they, we obviously don’t care about the future of America. According to Census Current Population Survey, only half of people ages 18-24 vote. By these numbers, we are saying we do not care about which way our country goes. Let’s show politicians and America they are wrong.

According to, although the youngest voters were the only age group to show a statistically significant increase in turnout, voting did tend to increase with age. In 2008, younger citizens had the lowest voting rate of 49 percent, while citizens who fell into older age groups had the highest voting rates of 69 to 70 percent.

Some young people may not vote because they do not believe one vote will make a difference or that anyone will care. Voting goes beyond numbers. When you vote you are saying you care about not only the future of America, but your personal future as well. Media outlets were astounded by the increase of young voters in 2008. Now that we have the attention of the media, it is time to grab the attention of the politicians.

Are you planning on voting this year? If not, there are some things you may want to think about. Today’s problems are going to impact the younger generations whether we decide to care or not. Our generation in particular has to think about the future of healthcare, budget cuts and mainly our country’s deficit.

A featured article on discussed what Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner thinks about the debt limit. According to Geithner, if the ceiling is not raised he would have to pick and choose who to pay and who to put off every day. And there’s no guarantee that paying interest while avoiding other legal obligations will protect the country from the perception of default.

America’s deficit is around $15 trillion. Each tax payer, yes that means you, would have to pay around $132,000, according to, in order to get out of debt.

So wait a minute, all of these older generations keep increasing our debt that we, the younger generation, will have to deal with. Yes they are coming up with ideas, but are they really thinking about us?

Whenever I watch the news, all I hear is concern about the older generations, their money and their jobs. Well what about us?

The truth is soon it will be our generation’s turn to take office. We will be the faces of America and we will be the ones making the decisions. If we do not involve ourselves now, how can anyone expect us to successfully understand how to make America prosper?

Generation Y, people born between 1980-2001, are often thought of as narcissistic, creating the term Generation Me. Studies have also shown our generation has lived with our parents longer than any other generation before us. To me this says we do not feel like growing up and becoming a part of society.

We need to show older generations we take things seriously. Voting will be one way to achieve this. My hope is once government officials see that the younger generation of voters are concerned about what is going on in America, they will be concerned about us.

So I am asking you, borderline begging you, to take the time to read about what is going on in our country and actually understand what politicians are saying. Take the time to vote and change Generation Me into Generation Prosperity. Show the older generations we are ready to take charge and actually change America for the better.

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