November 1, 2012


Movie Review

Cpl. Sean Dennison
Desert Warrior Staff

In the spirit of Multicultural Heritage Day, why not review a movie that’s all about being multicultural?

Or at least about how when multiple cultures overlap, the results can be tectonic.

Anyway, Crash is an easy sell for almost any film buff; the Academy Award winning movie is an ensemble tale about denizens of Los Angeles who get a tough lesson in how one’s skin affect others’ reactions.

It sounds superficially interesting on paper, and some of the tales told are worth watching, but otherwise Crash hits itself in the face again again and again with lazy mistakes.

The obvious stereotypes offer little to no weight for the characters to resist. Each caricature is more painful to watch than the last and you’d think the director got a bunch of mannequins, splashed different colors on them and said, “Go forth.”

The human being is complicated; race is such a small factor of one’s psyche and complexity, but one would never know it watching this movie.

Plot-wise, it’s a mess, albeit an interesting one. There’s chemistry between all involved, and the dialogue lends itself to a humorous tone when it can suffer through some awkwardly placed pejoratives. The interlinking stories paint culture as a wheel, always turning, always crushing those in its path while allowing others to resurface, but always turning. The end scene is the best parallel to compare that statement to.

If I may say though, the soundtrack is phenomenal. Scored by neoclassicist Mark Isham, the music is an ethereal omnisong that mixes tension, climax, decrescendo that perfectly captures the mood of each scene. Check out “A Really Good Cloak” and let yourself be swept in.

I’ve seen this movie once, and once was all I needed. I’ve lived through some of the scenarios, I’m sure you have, too. I don’t need a movie to remind how crummy and unfair life cane be.

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