November 8, 2012

MAWTS-1 competes in bowling tournament for bragging rights

Story and photo by Pfc. Brendan King
Desert Warrior Staff
Cpl. John Pohl, an aviation ordinance mechanic and native of Harrison, Idaho, releases his ball during a bowling competition at the Cactus Bowl at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, Nov. 1. Pohl has been bowling most of his life and looks for his team to continue competing against other shops at MCAS Yuma.

Marines from Marines Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron one gathered at the Cactus Bowl at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma to compete for bragging rights within their shop Nov 1.

In a tournament that started with six teams competing for the win, in the end was for fun and helped build morale.

“It’s for fun sure but it’s also for bragging rights as well. Smack talk gets pretty serious back at the shop and we all want to show each other up,” said Lance Cpl. Bryce Lambert an aviation ordnance mechanic and native of Burrillvile, RI.

Almost all of the Marines participating have been bowling for several years and are very competitive about it.

“I think in general any time you get a lot of guys in participating against one another and especially when they are Marines you have to kind of take for granted that things are going to get very competitive,” said Corporal Benjamin Porter, an aviation ordnance mechanic and native of, Salt Lake City.

From the start you could tell that the Marines were all very good. Every time another person’s turn was up to bowl it was strike or at least a spare.

“We are all pretty good and get on each other when we don’t do so well and especially when it’s for bragging rights as big as this,” said Lambert.

No matter what the scenario, Marines have always been extremely competitive. Whether it is in the shop on the field or in the bowling alley competition will bring out the best in us. The Bowling championship at the Cactus Bowl Nov. 1 was just one of many recreational events taking place daily at MCAS Yuma.

The final two teams from this competition will go head to head at a later date to determine the champion.

For more information on recreational activities and intramural sports, contact Marine Corps Community Services Semper Fit.

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