November 15, 2012

Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Entertainment Review

Pfc. Brendan King
Desert Warrior Staff

By now I’m sure most of you gamers know that the newest Call of Duty video game, Call of Duty: Black Ops Two was released this past Veterans Day.

The expectations and hype leading up to this game were extremely high for the creators Black Ops Two to live up to and in some cases nearly impossible to meet.

That being said, I believe Black Ops Two was sub-par to the original Black Ops and ultimately did not live up to the hype surrounding it. Black Ops Two broke did break all the pre-ordered records before being released but once released its selling dropped over 25 percent.

In Black Ops Two the rules constantly change but the game holds your hand through each shift. This makes the entire campaign feel like one very long tutorial. Perhaps it is a tutorial for those who find the multiplayer much more important but when some tools are only used once throughout and entire game one can’t help but wonder why they have been included to begin with.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing at all to complain about when it comes to a preposterous game and outlandish stories. The creators of Black Ops Two did a fantastic job in creating a completely new story and new way to ultimately play the game but in the end it seemed like they changed too much.

If it isn’t broke don’t fix it is what I would ultimately say as my final critique about Black Ops Two. The original Black Ops was one of the best selling war fighting video games ever made, why change it so much?

In playing Black Ops Two you can see progression; you can see changes that are being implemented for future Call of Duty series games that will get better and better. But in a more optimistic way, I guess you can look at Black Ops Two as a good passage way into bigger and better things for the next big military ops game.

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