November 15, 2012

MAG-13 carries on birthday run tradition

Story and photos by Pfc. Brendan King
Desert Warrior Staff
Approximately 765 Marines from Marine Aircraft Group 13 participated in a traditional Marine Corps Birthday motivational run Nov. 8 on the air station.

Marines from Marine Aircraft Group 13 held their annual Marine Corps Birthday motivational run Nov. 8. at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma to celebrate the Corps’ 237th birthday.

“This is a great Marine Corps way to just get out and celebrate 237 years of Marines and sailors history and sacrifice for our country,” said Col. Michael Gough, the MAG-13 commanding officer. “I want Marines in MAG-13 to know we are a team, I know that we are broken down into smaller squadrons but in the end we are all a part of this team and what a better day to remind our Marines and sailors of that then the Marine Corps Birthday.”

A total of 765 Marines and sailors were led on the run forming nearly a mile long formation. The nearly four mile run started and finished at the parade deck and consisted of literally hundreds of motivated shouting and screaming Marines and sailors.

The Marines were led by commanding officer Col. Michael Gough to honor the 237th birthday of the Marine Corps. After completing the run, Marines were released to prepare for their Marine Corps Balls.

“It was a good way to keep us motivated and we got the chance to see the rest of our MAG-13 family,” said Lance Cpl. Adam Graham, an aviation ordnance ammunition specialist. “I think we lose that motivation sometimes and runs and traditions like these just boost morale and make you proud to be a Marine.”

At the end of the run the Marines and Sailors gathered around Col. Gough and joked around about how much fun they were going to have these next couple days celebrating 237 years of Marine Corps pride and sacrifice.

“Happy birthday Marines, we deserve to celebrate this day. This birthday is one of the most celebrated birthdays in America’s history,” said Gough. “I want you all to remember the Marines and sailors we have lost that aren’t here to celebrate this great birthday with us. We have lost Marines that were a part of MAG-13 during combat and at peace time, celebrate them today as well Marines.”

It was clear Gough had special advice and word for the Marines under his command and encouraged them all to never forget our fallen brothers and sisters but do not morn their loss, proudly celebrate their sacrifice.

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