November 15, 2012

Politics: bringing out the worst in people

Pfc. Brendan King
Desert Warrior Staff

This most recent presidential election really started to make me dislike politics.

Not so much with how the votes were counted up, or even who ended up winning the election, because in the end, no matter who is elected president, I will respect that person as my boss and will go to war for that person and this country no matter what.

What I am really beginning to not like about politics is the hatred and immaturity it brings out in so many people.

Almost every year there is some type of election, whether it’s the presidential election, senatorial and gubernatorial election or even in your local area, with the mayor and city council elections.

Every year there is an election and I feel like so many people get divided because of party affiliation. We as a country really need to remember this is America and learn to respect other people’s opinions.

People were attacked based solely on their personal opinions, which may have differed from others. This is a horrible act. Our difference in ideas, and our ability to voice them, is what makes our nation unique in the world.

People thinking they’re far superior to someone or far more educated than a person who simply has a different opinion than theirs, shows ignorance on the part of the judgmental party in the dispute.

One of the most famous, and important, of American Constitutional rights is the freedom of speech. Let’s respect that right as Americans and service members defending it and respect others opinions, handling our differences like mature adults.

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