September 4, 2012

Veteran reunions for September 2012

Sept. 3-5: 3rd A&E

Pensacola, Fla.

For more information, contact Dean Droz at (407) 957-2423 or email


Sept. 5-9: 504th Bomb Group (Tinian, 1945)

Minneapolis, Minn.

For more information, contact Kaz Barcynski at (252) 637-0587 or email


Sept. 6-8: 20th Air Force (Guam)

Branson, Mo.

For more information, contact Rose Penrod at (217) 932-4286.


Sept. 6-9: 464th Bomb Group 15th AF (Italy)

Dearborn, Mich.

For more information, contact George Krynovich at (303) 366-0649 or email


Sept. 7-9: 18th MAS ALS

Cookstown, N.J.

For more information, contact Eddie Gajate at (856) 345-9738 or email


Sept. 9-13: 656th Radar Squadron

Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

For more information, contact John Tianen at (520) 749-2220 or email


Sept. 9-14: Flying School Class 50-E

Falmouth, Mass.

For more information, contact Donald Post at (508) 539-7995 or email


Sept. 10-12: Laredo AFB Instructors & Permanent Party Officers

Reno, Nev.

For more information, contact Don Hunt at (239) 281-5022 or email


Sept. 10-14: Brady AB (Camp Hakata, Japan), NSA and all eras

Helen, Ga.

For more information, contact Tom Morfoot at (770) 957-1085 or email


Sept. 10-13: 501st Tact Cont Group Association

501st HQ and HQ Sqdn, 807th Tact Cont Sqdn, 601st, 602nd, 603rd, 604th, 615th & 616th ACW Sqdns, 943rd Fwd Air Cont Sqdn, 555th Sig Aircraft Warning Bn

For more information, contact Ron Anderson at (701) 293-5473 or email


Sept. 12-16:  86th Fighter Bomb Group Assn

Indianapolis, Ind.

For more information, contact Deborah Rose at (920) 339-8773 or email


Sept. 12-15: 2nd Bomb Group 15th AF (Italy, 1943-1945)

Omaha, Neb.

For more information, contact Loy Dickinson at (720) 851-9663 or email


Sept. 13-15: 51st Fighter Interceptor Wing Assn

Dayton, Ohio

For more information, contact Allie Craycraft Jr. at (765) 282-0010 or email


Sept. 13-16: 526th Fighter Squadron (Ramstein, Germany)

Branson, Mo.

For more information, contact Bobby Gunter at (479) 474-1756 or email


Sept. 13-17: 366th SPS K-9 (Da Nang AB, Vietnam)

Colorado Springs, Colo.

For more information, contact Steven Luz at (209) 667-6010 or email


Sept. 13-15: 6994th Sec Sqdn & All Dets

Myrtle Beach, S.C.

For more information, contact Bob Hull at (740) 924-5261.


Sept. 14-17: 90th Strat Recon Wing

Nashville, Tenn.

For more information, contact Chuck Hale at (785) 760-3253 or email


Sept. 14-18: 320th SRS

Nashville, Tenn.

For more information, contact Chuck Hale at (785) 865-5794 or email


Sept. 18-21: 98th Air Fueling Sqdn

La Crosse, Wisc.

For more information, contact Ray Steube at (636) 528-3799 or email


Sept. 18-23: 316th Tact Air Wing

Hampton, Va.

For more information, contact Rex Riley at (757) 294-3253 or email


Sept. 18-21: 525th TFS & 36th TFW

Bitburg, Germany

For more information, contact Dean Yarolimek at (636) 447-5029 or email


Sept. 19-23: AF Comm & ATC Assn (1938-2012)

San Antonio, Texas

For more information, Richard Sauer at


Sept. 19-21: 343rd Strat Recon Sqdn

Fairborn, Ohio

For more information, contact Paul Dolby at (260) 356-1761 or email


Sept. 19-22: 13th “Jungle” AF Vets Assn

Oklahoma City, Okla.

For more information, contact Raymond Perkins at (918) 269-1641 or email


Sept. 20-24: Shepherds Grove

Branson, Mo.

For more information, contact Willie Miller at (740) 886-6393 or email


Sept. 20-23: 5th Bomb Group (WWII)

San Diego, Calif.

For more information, contact Dag Larsen at (949) 725-6460 or email


Sept. 21-23: 6314th AP Sqdn (Osan AB, Korea, 1963-1964)

Las Vegas, Nev.

For more information, contact Richard Marcano at (347) 398-4390 or email


Sept. 21-22: 6th Bomb Wing (Walker AFB)

Roswell, N.M.

For more information, contact Bobby Pike at (479) 452-7191 or email


Sept. 24-28: 329th FIS ADC (George AFB, Calif.)

Las Vegas, Nev.

For more information, contact Jim Geddes at (702) 458-8549 or email


Sept. 25-27: 7th Avn Field Depot Sqdn

Branson, Mo.

For more information, contact Ted Blaylock at (573) 864-2120 or email


Sept. 25-27: AF Postal & Courier Assn

Williamsburg, Va.

For more information, contact Purcell Brown at (937) 754-1848 or email


Sept. 25-27: 47th Air Police

Fletcher, N.C.

For more information, contact John Watts at (828) 686-4648 or email


Sept. 26-30: B-57 Bummers Assn BLMF

St. Louis, Mo.

For more information, contact John DeCillo at (773) 429-1003 or email


Sept. 26-29: Berlin Airlift Vets Assn

Ogden, Utah

For more information, contact J.W. Studak at (512) 452-0903.


Sept. 26-30: 4th FIW, 334th, 335th, 336th FIS & Support Personnel (Kimpo AB, Korea)

Phoenix, Ariz.

For more information, contact Andrew Whipple at (352) 259-7792.


Sept. 27-29: 508th Air Refueling Sqdn

Fairborn, Ohio

For more information, contact Roy Livesay at (937) 754-1090 or email


Sept. 27-30: 12 TFW (Vietnam), 12 BG (WWII), 12 FEW/SFW (Korea)

Seattle, Wash.

For more information, contact E.J. Sherwood at (480) 396-4681 or email


Sept. 28-Oct. 1: 57th Bomb Wing (WWII)

Baltimore, Md.

For more information, contact Pam Cosbey at (760) 625-7996.


Sept. 30-Oct. 6: 5th Comm Grp 934th Sig Bn (Korea)

Little Rock, Ark.

For more information, contact Chuck Siegismund at (501) 681-6762 or email


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Army photograph by Sgt. Ryan Hallock

The long road home: Lewis-McChord honors Vietnam veterans

Army photograph by Sgt. Cody Quinn Former and current service members gather together during Vietnam Veterans Salute Day, at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash., Oct. 9, 2014. The event was held to honor Vietnam veterans by giving ...

VA processes more than 1.3 million veteransí claims in fiscal 2014

More than 1.3 million Veterans received decisions on their Department of Veterans Affairs disability compensation and pension claims in fiscal year 2014 ñ the highest number in VA’s history, surpassing last year’s record-breaking production by more than 150,000 claims. This second year of record-breaking production comes as VA continues to transform the way it provides...

Obama: Move heaven and earth to care for disabled vets

With the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial, the nation commemorates for the first time the two battles disabled veterans have fought – the battle over there and the battle at home – the battle to recover, President Barack Obama said Oct. 5 during the dedication ceremony. Congress approved the building of the memorial with...


VA wards contract for independent assessment of health care

The Department of Veterans Affairs announced Oct. 1 that the MITRE Corporation, a not-for-profit company that operates multiple federally funded research and development centers, has been awarded a contract to support the Independent Assessment of VA health care processes, as required by the Veterans Access, Choice and Accountability Act of 2014. MITRE Corporation will serve...
Army photograph by SSgt. Mary S. Katzenberger

82nd Airborne helps commemorate 70th Anniversary of Operation Market Garden

Army photograph by SSgt. Mary S. Katzenberger A paratrooper assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division, reflects near the grave of a British paratrooper at the Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery, Sept. 14, 2014, in the Netherlands. The...

VA announces awardees of grants that support disabled veterans in adaptive Sports

Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert A. McDonald announced Sept. 29 the award of approximately $8 million in grants to provide adaptive sports opportunities for disabled veterans and disabled service members of the Armed Forces. Adaptive sports are those sports that have been created or modified for persons with disabilities. Partnering with national, regional, and community-based...


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