July 31, 2013

Reunions and events for August 2013

555th Civil Eng Squadron Heavy Repair “Red Horse” (Vietnam)

San Antonio, Texas

Aug. 5-8

For more information, call Audra Ainsworth at (936) 675-4560 or email


Retired Fire Chiefs

Wilmington, N.C.

Aug. 6-8

For more information, call Charles Richardson at (386) 760-6286 or email


Vietnam Guntruckers and all trans units

Indianapolis, Ind.

Aug. 6-11

For more information, call John Dodd at (434) 724-1469 or email


536th MP Co.

Glenwood Springs Colo.

Aug .7-10

For more information, call David Howell at (303) 994-2440 or email


Dusters, Quads, Searchlights, Vulcans and Hawks (Vietnam)

Oklahoma City, Okla.

Aug. 7-11

For more information, call Bruce Geiger at (914) 576-1050 or email


279th Cbt Eng Bn.

Johnson City, Tenn.

Aug. 8-10

For more information, call John Weinkam at (410) 391-0060.


299th Eng Bn.

Branson, Mo.

Aug. 8-11

For more information, call James Nelson at (616) 755-5517.


31st inf. Rgt. 9th Div.

Dayton, Ohio

Aug. 8-10

For more information, call John Howdeshelt at (937) 435-0669 or email


32nd Group – 430th, 434th and 439th Eng Const. Bn. (Korea)

St. Louis, Mo.

Aug. 9-11

For more information, call David Mikusch at (636) 797-2323 or email


34th Eng Bn

San Antonio, Texas

Aug. 15-18

For more information, call Brian Hamor at (207) 244-1151 or email


41st Inf Div (World War II

Seattle, Wash.

Aug. 15-17

For more information, call Carolyn Bach at (573) 535-9833 or email


AZ ASA Assn.

Mesa, Ariz.

Aug. 16-18

For more information, call Jerry Darr at (480) 507-6825 or email


764th Radar Squadron (St. Albans AFS, Vt.)

St Albans, Vt.

Aug. 16-18

For more information, call John Hauck at (802) 524-6807 or email


5th Cav., 1st Air Cav Div

Gatlinburg, Tenn.

Aug. 20-24

For more information, call John Ulloa at (808) 221-9560.


91st Strat Recon Wing (McGuire AFB, 1948-1949, Yokota AB, 1950-1954, Barksdale AFB, 1950-1951 & Lockbourne AFB, 1951-1957), 91st Bomb Grp (WWII) and Lockbourne AFB Reunion Group

Omaha, Neb.

Aug. 21-27

For more information, call Jim Bard at (410) 549-1094 or email


Bien Hoa (All Tact Wing Personnel)

Fairborn, Ohio

Aug. 22-24

For more information, call Buddy Tate at (336) 227-7869 or email


610th Mil Airlift Support Squadron

San Diego, Calif.

Aug. 22-24

For more information, call Ed Strahan at (530) 527-8422 or email


1st Bn 77th Armd Rgt “Steel Tigers”

Bozeman, Mont.

Aug. 22-25

For more information, call Rick Benson at (406) 570-5655 or email


1st Armd. Div. Assn. (World War II-2013)

Milwaukee, Wisc.

Aug. 22-25

For more information, call Joe Sachen at (310) 990-8811.


335th Radio Research Co.

San Diego, Calif.

Aug. 22-25

For more information, call Jim Mossman at (513) 779-7145 or email


148th Inf Rgt. 37th Div

Camp Perry, Port Clinton, Ohio

Aug. 23-24

For more information, call Steve Whitcraft at (419) 203-8340 or email


383rd Air Delivery Detachment

Clinton, Md.

Aug. 23-25

For more information, call Walter Pickett at (301) 728-2045 or email


434th Trp Carrier Wing (Atterbury AAF, Bakalar AFB), 434th Tact Airlift Wing (Bakalar AFB), 434th Spec Opns Wing, 434th Tact Ftr Wing, 434th Wing, 434th Air Refueling Wing (Grissom AFB, Grissom ARB)

Grissom Air Reserve Base, Ind.

Aug. 24

For more information, call Larry Alexander at (812) 372-5643 or email


27th Inf. Regt. “Wolfhounds”

Irvine, Calif.

Aug. 25-Sept. 1

For more information, call John Coon at (949) 334-7745 or email


173rd Abn Bde

Las Vegas, Nev.

Aug. 26-29

For more information, call James Bradley at (727) 376-2576.


Merrill’s Marauders and Descendents

Bloomington, Minn.

Aug. 29-Sept. 1

For more information, call Jerrie Daly at (651) 204-5004 or email


Mars Task Force and Descendents

Bloomington, Minn.

Aug. 29-Sept. 1

For more information, call Jerrie Daly at (651) 204-5004 or email


740th Tank Bn. Assn. (World War II)

Dallas, Texas

Aug. 29-Sept. 1

For more information, call Mark Hatchel at (817) 821-8720 or email


809th Eng. Bn. & 562ast Co. (Thailand, 1962-1971)

Dodge City, Kansas

Aug. 30-Sept. 1

For more information, call Richard Henderson at (785) 852-4707 or email


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Headlines October 22, 2014

News: Northrop challenges 3DELRR contract award - Northrop Grumman has formally issued a protest against the US Air Force’s decision to award its next-generation ground based radar to competitor Raytheon.   Business: Defense firms prefer GOP, but spread campaign cash between political parties - For every campaign contribution from a major arms manufacturer to a Republican candidate...

News Briefs October 22, 2014

Military converges on scene of Kansas jet crash Military personnel are investigating at the site in southeast Kansas where an Oklahoma Air National Guard fighter jet crashed after a midair collision with another one during a training exercise. The F-16 crashed Oct. 20 in a pasture about three miles northeast of Moline, an Elk County...
Courtesy photograph

Upgrades ‘new normal’ for armor in uncertain budget environment

Courtesy photograph The current Paladin is severely under-powered and overweight so its speed of cross-country mobility is pretty restricted. The Paladin Integrated Management program is designed to address a number of these we...


ISR: A critical capability for 21st century warfare

The progressive adaptations and breakthroughs made in the intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance arena have changed the way wars are fought, and the way commanders think about the battlespace. “Whether we have airmen exploiting full motion video data or serving downrange in the (Central Command) area of responsibility, these individuals make up an enterprise of 30,000...

Lockheed Martin teams with Roketsan of Turkey on new standoff missile for F-35

Roketsan and Lockheed Martin signed a teaming agreement Oct. 22 for collaboration on the SOM-J, a new generation air-to-surface Standoff Cruise Missile for the F-35 Lightning II. The SOM system is an autonomous, long-range, low-observable, all-weather, precision air-to-surface cruise missile. The SOM-J variant is tailored for internal carriage on the F-35 aircraft. The companies will...

Army Operating Concept expands definition of combined arms

The Army Operating Concept, published Oct. 7, expands the idea of joint combined-arms operations to include intergovernmental and special operations capabilities, said Gen. Herbert R. McMaster Jr. The new concept includes prevention and shaping operations at the strategic level across domains that include maritime, air, space and cyberspace, he said. It’s a “shift in emphasis,”...


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