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June 7, 2012

Volunteer Spotlight: Shea McCullough

Where do you volunteer? 

Army Community Services (ACS) in Building 109.


What do you do as a volunteer?

Assist with the Mobilization and Deployment and Employment Readiness Programs.


What do you get out of volunteering?

A smoother transition into the civilian workforce as well as applicable skills needed. Volunteering also gives me great satisfaction by helping Soldiers and their families.


How did you get started as a volunteer?

I was looking for employment and heard from an ACS employee that volunteering would be a great way to get involved in the community as well as getting better acquainted with the various organizations the installation has to offer and their employment opportunities.


What advice you would give someone about volunteering?

It is a great opportunity to get involved in the community, to not feel so remote and really helps keep the rust off any skills you may already have, so definitely check into it.

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Volunteer Spotlight: Javi Boskett

Where do you volunteer? I volunteer at the Fort Irwin Army Community Services (ACS) building at the corner of 3rd and G streets with Tony Untalan.   What do you do as a volunteer? I spend most of my time with clerical and ...


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