December 10, 2015


Written by: emmauribe
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Multi-Cultural Gospel Change of Stole: Chaplain (Col.) Terry McBride thanks Chaplain (Capt.) Wayne VandeKrol (left) for his service to the Gospel community and introducing Chaplain (Capt.) Jason Haddock and Chaplain (Capt.) David Spooner to the congregation.

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Army photograph

Army issues new guidance on rolling, cuffing sleeves

Army photograph Authorized wear of ACU sleeves (clockwise from top left): Sleeves rolled camouflage in, sleeves rolled camouflage out, sleeves cuffed under once for field, sleeves cuffed under twice, sleeves cuffed out twice. O...
Army photograph by Paul Lara

Survivor shares harrowing acount of his attempted suicide

Army photograph by Paul Lara Kevin Hines speaks of his life before and after his suicide attempt in 2000. Hines spoke at Thurman Auditorium on Suicide Prevention Day, Sept. 15, 2016, about the power of hope for those that despa...
DOD photograph

Absentee voter tips for military members

DOD photograph Members of the Army’s Golden Knights parachute team pass on the Federal Voting Assistance Program’s message for U.S. military and overseas citizens to submit their absentee ballots in time for the upcoming ge...