Press shop specifications

  • Press: 4/4 Quad Stack plus 9-units of Color King
  • Computer to plate (CTP), providing high-quality, tight-register printing
  • Complete post-press inserting facility including offline quarter folding
  • 27# to 50# stock, and 65-92 Brite newsprint, hi-brite, book stock, all producing bright, crisp photos and color
  • 11 1/2-35″ web
  • Full-color available for every page
  • Short to long runs
  • Press time available 24/7

Our goal is to supply you with a high-quality product. To ensure the smoothest process from your computer to your final printed product, please use the following files specifications.


Electronic file specifications:

  • Adobe Acrobat PDF
  • CMYK
  • Black text needs to be 100K
  • B&W photos/line art should be Grayscaled
  • 240 dpi
  • Export at image size, no crop marks

For immediate information and/or a printing a quote, please contact: Brian Mount, Pressroom Manager/Print Sales, office 661-945-5634, cell 702-812-5067 cell, or email printing AT