News Briefs – July 19, 2019


Military supplier to pay $11M over whistleblower claims

A Southern California company will pay the U.S. government $11million to settle allegations that it sold electrical connectors to the military that lacked proper testing or had failed tests.
The government announced July 16 that ITT Cannon also agreed to follow strict manufacturing and testing protocols.
ITT didn’t acknowledge any liability, however.
The settlement resolves allegations filed in a whistleblower lawsuit by the former regional quality manager at ITT’s Santa Ana facility.
Investigators from the Air Force, Coast Guard, Navy and NASA took part in the case. AP

Pentagon says 2,100 more troops going to U.S.-Mexico border

The Pentagon says an additional 2,100 troops will be sent to the U.S.-Mexican border to help with security.
Among them are 1,100 active-duty troops who will perform a variety of missions, including aerial surveillance and logistical and administrative support. The Pentagon says the new acting defense secretary, Richard V. Spencer, approved the deployment.
Also deploying are 1,000 members of the Texas National Guard. They will be under state control. Most will assist Customs and Border Protection at the temporary adult migrant holding facilities at Donna and Tornillo in Texas.
The new deployments are in addition to the approximately 2,500 active-duty and 2,000 National Guard troops already deployed to the border. AP

U.S. kicking NATO ally Turkey out of fighter program

The White House says Turkey can no longer be part of the American F-35 fighter jet program.
In a written statement, the White House said July 17 that Turkey’s decision to buy the Russian S-400 air defense system “renders its continued involvement with the F-35 impossible.”
The White House did not say explicitly that Turkey will be kicked out of the F-35 program, but the Pentagon was expected to do so.
Turkey makes numerous components for the stealth aircraft. If Turkey is removed, as expected, the U.S. will have to find alternative suppliers.
President Donald Trump announced Tuesday that the S-400 purchase means Turkey will not be allowed to purchase any F-35 planes.
Yet to be announced is whether the U.S. will impose economic sanctions on Turkey for its decision. AP