Headlines – August 7, 2019



Taliban say differences resolved in peace talks on US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan-
The United States and the Taliban have resolved differences in peace talks over the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan and guarantees from the insurgents that they will cut ties with other extremist groups, a Taliban official said Aug. 6.
Report: ISIS has been rebuilding as U.S. troops withdraw from Syria-
Late last year, President Trump announced that he was ready to withdraw troops from Syria after a long and successful campaign taking back territory from ISIS.


Comic, or commander in chief? Reform of Ukrainian defense industry giant tests Zelenskiy’s will-
When a Ukrainian media outlet reported in February that people close to then-President Petro Poroshenko were involved in skimming money from the military, it blew the tires off his slowing campaign machine just weeks before his reelection bid.
A hazy future: Amid a competition to build British frigates, a UK shipyard hits hard times-
The Northern Irish shipyard that built the Titanic ceased business Aug. 5, and its part in a bid to build a new class of the general-purpose frigate for the British Royal Navy appears to have sunk with it.
Boeing gets $55.5 million for KC-46 boom work-
The Air Force on Aug. 2 awarded Boeing $55.5 million for continued work on the KC-46’s refueling boom to address a “Category 1” deficiency that is limiting the aircraft’s ability to refuel any U.S. Air Force plane.
F-35 talks to U.S. Army’s missile command system, says Lockheed-
The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter demonstrated its ability to send data to the U.S. Army’s Integrated Air and Missile Defense Battle Command System during the Orange Flag Evaluation 19-2 at Palmdale, Calif., and Fort Bliss, Texas, in June.


New Pentagon chief wants Pacific-based missiles. Is Capitol Hill on board?-
A day after the U.S. formally pulled out of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, Defense Secretary Mark Esper said he wants to deploy a conventional ground-based missile that could travel within the agreement’s prohibited range “sooner, rather than later.”
Navy dismisses more SEAL war crimes cases, removes controversial prosecutor-
In another day of bold moves by Navy leaders seeking to revamp the sea service’s criminal justice system, officials dismissed a war crimes case dogging four SEALs and transferred a prosecutor plagued by misconduct allegations.
With China, Russia in mind, Pentagon adding stealthy cruise missiles-
The Pentagon is boosting its stockpile of a stealthy long-range cruise missiles that might be critical in a war with China or Russia.
Defense secretary wants to deliver on the goal of outpacing China. Can he do it?-
The career trajectory of newly minted Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper appears custom-crafted for someone aspiring to the Pentagon’s highest office: Army infantry officer, Defense Department bureaucrat, industry lobbyist and well-connected congressional aide.
F-35 fighter jets coming to Tyndall Air Force Base-
The Trump administration is confirming that a U.S. Air Force base in the Florida Panhandle that was devastated by Hurricane Michael will be rebuilt so it can house F-35 fighter jets.
U.S. Air Force deciding soon on “indefinite enlistment,” other NCO changes-
The Air Force is moving toward an “indefinite enlistment” process—removing the requirement for senior enlisted personnel to regularly re-enlist after a certain number of years.


Veteran dies by suicide in North Carolina VA hospital’s parking lot-
A veteran died by suicide in the visitor parking lot of the Charles George VA Medical Center in North Carolina this weekend, the latest in an upsetting string of veteran deaths just a short distance away from possible help.
Where veterans aren’t thanked for their service-
Now 35, his arms and chest adorned with tattoos that attest to his life as a soldier, Alex is still haunted by the memories of his deployment. Yet one of the most painful aspects of being home, he says, is the reception he gets here in Germany. When he walks the streets in clothes that identify him as a veteran, he is often subjected to insults, taunts, or even laughter. He feels forgotten and unappreciated by the country that sent him off to fight.
Indiana veterans will no longer pay state taxes on retirement income-
Indiana veterans will soon no longer have to pay state taxes on their military retirement income.
Pending law could help vets get treatment at the VA for toxic exposure-
Retired Lt. Col. Susan Lukas looked no further than her own personal experience in the Air Force Reserve when weighing the benefits of a new bill that could be approved by lawmakers later this year.