Headlines – September 20, 2019



Every single active-duty Special Forces group has lost at least one soldier this year-
It has been a deadly year for Green Berets, with every active-duty Special Forces Group losing a valued soldier in Afghanistan or Syria.
Trump: There are many options short of war with Iran-
U.S. President Donald Trump said on Sept. 20 there were many options short of war with Iran after U.S. ally Saudi Arabia displayed remnants of drones and missiles it said were used in a crippling attack on its oil sites that was “unquestionably sponsored” by Tehran.
Defense spending bill hits border wall in Senate-
Senate Democrats on Sept. 20 blocked Republican plans to advance an appropriations package including $693 billion in defense spending for fiscal 2020, all but assuring that lawmakers will have to adopt a short-term budget extension in coming days to avoid a possible government shutdown.


AMC commander: Boeing has not made progress on KC-46-
It’s been eight months since the U.S. Air Force accepted the first KC-46 tanker from Boeing, but the head of Air Mobility Command says the company hasn’t made headway on the aircraft’s biggest technical problem.
Three companies get shortlisted for Japan armored vehicle competition-
Japan shortlisted three potential suppliers for a new wheeled armored vehicle, pressing forward with a program that had been held up following the decision by the previous contractor to exit the armored vehicle business.


Documents show Pentagon spent at least $184,000 at Trump’s Turnberry resort in Scotland-
Documents show that the U.S. military has spent more than $184,000 at President Trump’s property in Scotland since August 2017, Democrats on the House Oversight and Reform Committee said in a letter to the Pentagon Sept. 20.
U.S. Air Force: Our new tanker should be ready for war in 3 or 4 years-
A few big problems, and about 500 smaller ones, have put the Boeing-made plane about five years behind schedule.
U.S. Air Force wants satellites that grow fast, die young-
As the U.S. Air Force considers moving to a Century Series-style process for building its next fighter jet, with new designs constantly being produced, the service’s Space and Missile Systems Center has a process already underway for building satellites.
U.S. Air Force to shift billions of dollars to network its weapons-
The clock is ticking on Gen. David Goldfein’s signature project.
SecDef Esper: Military’s next big fight may start in space-
The U.S. military needs to move quickly to stand up U.S. Space Force as a separate military branch, Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Sept. 20.
Air Force will shift up to $30B for space, multi domain-
The Air Force’s version of the Army’s famous Night Court has found up to $30 billion in weapons money it will take and reinvest it in Multi-Domain Operations and space warfighting capabilities, the top two Air Force leaders say.
Marines kick off a year of wargames to help build new force-
In building a vision for how to equip for an era in which its ships, aircraft, and overseas bases exist under constant threat from long-range precision weapons and electronic warfare attacks, the Marine Corps will try and go “smaller, lighter, less exquisite, more numerous,” a top Marine general says.
This Osprey-style drone could help Marines protect Navy warships-
As the sea services prepare for potential fights against other big navies, the Marine Corps is considering using a massive drone not unlike its MV-22B Osprey to protect ships.
Marines near deal to test ‘Transformers’-like exoskeleton prototype-
Marines who spend much of their day lifting hefty ammunition or moving pallets full of gear could soon get a helping hand.
Will U.S. Army have enough to pay for its modernization?-
The three-star general in charge of building the U.S. Army’s requirements is worried the service won’t find enough efficiencies in its future budgets to cover the costs of modernization, especially those costs that have not been realized.