Headlines – September 25, 2019


U.S. troops to Saudi Arabia? Stand by-
The U.S. is figuring out a game plan to send troops to support Saudi Arabia following Iranian airstrikes on its oil fields, but how many, their capabilities and where they’ll come from won’t be announced until later this week, a senior official told reporters Sept. 26.
U.S., Polish presidents sign pact to boost American military presence in Poland-
U.S. President Donald Trump and his Polish counterpart Andrzej Duda inked a joint declaration on advancing defense cooperation Sept. 23 in New York, paving the way for an increased U.S. military presence in Poland.
Esper presses hard for new civilian casualty policy-
Defense Secretary Mark Esper is working on a broad new policy to reduce civilian casualties caused by the U.S. and the allies to whom it sells arms.


Raytheon wins contract on mobile radars worth as much as $500M-
The Missile Defense Agency awarded Raytheon a contract modification worth as much as $500 million for continued research and development on the Sea-Based X-Band radar and the Army Navy/Transportable Radar Surveillance Control Model-2, according to a Sept. 23 contract announcement.
U.S. clears attack helicopters for Thailand, plane defenses for Qatar-
The U.S. State Department on Sept. 26 cleared a pair of potential arms sales, one each to Thailand and Qatar.
Lockheed Martin secures $2.7B NASA contract for Orion space capsules-
NASA has committed to buy three new Orion capsules that will include the spacecraft that will carry the next U.S. astronauts to the moon, the agency announced on Sept. 23.


Congressionally appointed panel recommends US halt Syria withdrawal-
A congressionally appointed panel recommended the United States halt its withdrawal from Syria to prevent an ISIS resurgence, counter Iranian influence in the country and provide leverage for a negotiated end to the Syrian civil war.
Army’s future battle plan may include restructuring Guard forces-
The deputy commander of Army Futures Command said Sept. 24 that the service may need more of the National Guard’s capabilities in the early days of a fight on future battlefields.
Army details plan to equip Stryker infantry carriers with tank-killing missiles-
Beginning in 2022, the Army will start turning large numbers of Stryker infantry carriers into tank-killers by equipping them with remote weapons stations armed with Javelin anti-armor missiles.
Under the wire, Navy says it has met Mattis’ fighter jet readiness deadline-
The U.S. Navy has met former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis’s 80 percent mission-capable rate goal for its major operational aircraft fleet, officials announced Sept. 24.
AMC wants to turn C-5Ms into flying hospitals-
The Air Force is vetting its biggest aircraft as a new option for large-scale aeromedical evacuation.


Advocates demand White House speed up timeline for ‘blue water’ Vietnam veterans benefits-
Doctors have told Navy veteran Bobby Daniels that he may only have another two years before his terminal prostate cancer takes his life, so he was furious in June when Veterans Affairs officials announced a six-month delay in processing “blue water” Vietnam benefits cases.
Deported Army veteran returns to US in bid to become citizen-
An Army veteran who was deported to Mexico in 2018 arrived back in Chicago Tuesday for a final chance at becoming a U.S. citizen and living in the city he has called home since boyhood.
GAO to review rating system for VA nursing homes-
The Government Accountability Office will examine how the Department of Veterans Affairs rates its nursing homes at the request of three senators, who announced the upcoming review.