OTS eliminates component distinctions


MAXWELL AIR FORCE BASE, Ala. — The Air Force Officer Training School here has removed all service component distinctions from its line officer commissioning courses.

Regular Air Force and Reserve cadets no longer receive their commissions through Basic Officer Training or Air National Guard cadets through the Academy of Military Science.

With the start of OTS Class 15-03 in early January, all line officer cadets receive the same training at the same time in the same classrooms. Instead of saying they graduated from either BOT or AMS, the newly commissioned officers will simply say that they received their commissions from OTS.

“Neither of those acronyms — BOT and AMS — is necessary any more, as we now have ‘one furnace, one metal,’” said OTS Commandant Col. Scott Lockwood. “We have one program, which is just OTS.”

The current class of 78 Guard, 15 regular Air Force and 13 Reserve cadets will graduate together March 13.