AFTC announces its fall logistics professional development

Professional certifications are climbing throughout the 412th Maintenance Group.
During the Professional Maintenance Certification Program 2015 Spring Open Season, Air Force Test Center employees submitted 35 applications for PMxCP and all 35 applicants earned certification.
Participants from Edwards AFB earned 32 certifications and AFTC achieved a major milestone with Eglin Air Force Base, Fla., earning the base’s very first certifications along with an applicant from Los Angeles Air Force Base.
PMxCP offers eligible applicants a common framework of functional training requirements, formal and developmental education, work and supervisory experience and career broadening experience. PMxCP serves to create a trained, educated and certified maintenance workforce of the future. Certifications can potentially assist an employee’s upward mobility in their perspective career fields.
There are five levels of certification: Entry level (Level 1), Journeyman and Advanced Journeyman (Levels 2 and 3), and culminating with the development of Enterprise Logisticians (Levels 4 and 5). 
PMxCP is now only one of AFTC’s Logistics Professional Development Programs. This fall, AFTC is proud to announce the very first Logistics Professional Development Programs Open Season, which began Oct. 19 and will run through Jan. 8, 2016. 
Members from across the center’s logistics community, whether they are GS, Acq Demo, Federal Wage System, or active duty military, will have the opportunity to submit applications in either the PMxCP, Professional Supply Management Certification Program (PSMCP), Professional Deployment/Distribution/Transportation Certification Program (PDDTCP) or possibly a combination thereof, depending on their unique background and experiences.
“If you are a logistician assigned to AFTC, and are either a Maintenance, Supply Management or Deployment/Distribution/ Transportation professional, we have a professional development program within LPDP designed specifically for you,” said Nathan Dixon, 412th Test Wing Logistics functional manager.
Personnel with prior experience in one of the above listed disciplines may also be eligible for certification depending on their background, training and experience. 
While PMxCP is the template upon which the other programs were developed, we are ecstatic to have each of the aforementioned disciplines take part in 2015 Fall Logistics Professional Development Open Season.
Potential applicants should contact the following certification program managers for answers to questions regarding the various programs and their specific application type. Contact your respective POC now, the window is open and Jan. 8 is just around the corner. 
The AFTC LPDP POCs are as follows:

For Maintenance PMxCP, contact Michele Chebahtah at 661-275-2873, or
For Supply Management (PSMCP), call Andre Stuart at 661-277-2719; or
For Deployment/Distribution/Transportation (PDDTCP), call Vince Doss at 661-277-2262; or


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