Sharing the road


Air Force photograph by Kenji Thuloweit

Jogging, walking and bicycling on the roadways can be dangerous.
When driving to and from Edwards we share the roadways with bicyclists, joggers and walkers. We all need to keep our eyes open and be prepared to share the roads with them.
Early in the mornings, on the drive in to work, the sun can shine right in our eyes making it even more difficult to see these riders and joggers on the roads. This means we, as motorists, have to be even more diligent in watching for bicyclists and joggers.
Here are some tips for riding and jogging/walking on the roadways with vehicles:

Bike riders
* Always wear an approved helmet; it is the law on Edwards AFB.
* Follow the rules of the road, if you do not know them, learn them.
* Wear reflective gear or garments so you can be seen well in times of reduced visibility.
* Ride with the traffic to the far right or on the shoulder.
* Always maintain control of your bicycle.
* Use hand signals when possible to let vehicles know your intentions.
* Do not wear headphones or ear buds while riding your bicycle; it is the law on Edwards AFB.

* Pick places to walk, if possible that are separate from traffic.  If this is not possible, then walk as far to the right as possible against the flow of traffic.
* Do not wear headphones or ear buds while walking or jogging along or on roadways; it is the law on Edwards AFB.
* Limit the number of times you need to cross streets, especially if they are busy.
* Watch for traffic at intersections and driveways.
* Obey all traffic signs and signals.
* Always try and cross the street at intersections or crosswalks.
* Wear bright colored clothes or reflective gear and carry a flashlight if it is dark.
* Make eye contact with the drivers of all vehicles to be sure they see you.

Steps to cross street safely
* Stop at the curb or edge of the street; look left, then right, then left and then behind and in front of you for traffic; wait until there is no traffic and begin crossing; keep looking for traffic until you have finished crossing and walk, do not run, across the street.
* If you are jogging/walking on a trail, with headphones on, and come upon a street to cross; you must remove your headphones while crossing the street.  You can put them back in after you cross, if you stay on the trail.

* Slow down during times of reduced visibility.
* Be alert, you may not see a bicyclist or jogger/walker until you are right upon them. They are harder to see at sunrise and sunset.
* Never honk, this startles the bicyclists and joggers/walkers and may cause them to swerve into your path.
* When approaching a bicyclist or jogger/walker, move over to the left into the second lane if possible.  If it is not possible, then drive as far to the left in your lane as possible.  Do not move back over until you have completely passed the individual.
* Do not pass, then immediately turn in front of the bicyclist or jogger/walker, this is the cause of many accidents.

Always remember bicyclists and jogger/walkers have the same rights to the roadways as you do!