Gaining Altitude — Growth Opportunities for the Week

Through our character – an opportunity to reflect on important issues in our community
Your purpose in life does matter.  So how do you determine purpose?  Think about a stove; what is its purpose? To cook. Who determines that purpose? The designer who wants to meet a need. Questions about human purpose should be answered by the One who designed us. Many of us look outside of organized religion to seek a way to construct our own meaning. Yet even in the 1600s, Blaise Pascal, who was a French mathematician, physicist, inventor, writer and Christian philosopher stated that those self-made answers rarely quiet our restless hearts. “It is in vain … that you seek within yourselves the cure for all your miseries. All your insight has led to the knowledge that it is not in yourselves that you discover the true and the good.” Where then will you look for purpose and meaning that leads to truth and goodness?

Through our prayers — an opportunity to pray for the needs of our community
– Ask God, our Designer to show you your purpose and meaning.

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