Edwards honors December promotees

Team Edwards held its monthly enlisted promotion ceremony Nov. 30. Congratulations to all Airmen who took the next step in their Air Force careers!

To airman 1st class

  • Thomas A. Thorpe III, 412th Comptroller Squadron
  • Chance J. Wager, 412th Maintenance Squadron

To senior airman

  • Cameron N. Farrell, 812th Civil Engineering Squadron
  • Ryan M. Foltz, 412th MXS
  • Ryan Y. Chong, 412th Communications Squadron
  • William A. Prentice, 412th Aerospace Medicine Squadron
  • Joshua S. Klinger, 412th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
  • Giovanni X. McLawhorn, 412th Medical Operations Squadron
  • Christopher D. Miller, 812th CES
  • Matthew T. Cox, 412th Security Forces Squadron
  • Michael A. Yeihey, 412th SFS
  • Damon W. Cross, 412th SFS
  • Timo J. Timoteo, 412th SFS
  • Derrien J. Vereen, 412th SFS
  • Rita S. Harris, Air Force Test Center
  • Sterling Mciver Heyward, 412th CS

To staff sergeant

  • Michael J. Pierson, 412th AMXS
  • Jonathan M. Wright, Detachment 1 53rd Test and Evaluation Group
  • Justin W. Fromm, 31st Test and Evaluation Squadron
  • Ernie Miles, 412th SFS
  • Noah D. Hyatt, 412th SFS
  • Tyler M. Borsberry, 412th SFS
  • Estevan D. Garza, 912th Air Refueling Squadron
  • Keith F. Hayes, 772nd Test Squadron
  • Matthew W. Skinner, 412th SFS
  • Wesley R. Krueger II, 31st TES
  • Adrian E. Salapare, 812th CES

To technical sergeant

  • Andrew Williams, Joint Strike Fighter 412th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
  • Michael J. Burd, 412th CS
  • Colby G. Nokes, 812th CES
  • Shawn P. Coleman, Det. 1, 53rd TEG
  • John R. Vickers, 912th AMXS
  • Chad E. Wooldridge, JSF 412th AMXS
  • Ryan D. Cox, Det. 1, 53rd TEG
  • Bradley A. Johnson, 412th Logistics Test Squadron
  • Jessica M. Williams, Det. 1, 53rd TEG

To master sergeant

  • Daniel J. Pomerico, 412th MXS
  • Dustin J. Clocherty, 912th Air Refueling Squadron
  • Dolores R. Barrita, 412th Force Support Squadron
  • Richard J. Jay, 362nd USAF Recruiting Squadron
  • Omar R. Duarte, 31st TES

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