Gaining Altitude — Growth Opportunities for the Week

Through our character – an opportunity to reflect on important issues in our community
In the small book entitled “Ruth” in the Hebrew scriptures we can read about how an “outsider” and “foreigner” is welcomed into a new community of faith. This great story is a powerful reminder that God is not confined to a box. He is able to reach those who seem the farthest away. Ruth, a widow, joins her widowed mother-in-law in a physical and spiritual journey that changed her life and has impacted people of faith for the thousands of years. Never underestimate your importance to God or God’s ability to find those who seem the most “lost.”

Through our prayers — an opportunity to pray for the needs of our community
In this Holy season of lights and faith, share with God and a trusted friend if you feel like an outsider or ‘lost’. Then open your heart to receive the gift of God’s presence.

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