Family Advocacy offers classes in January


Here is a list of classes provided by Edwards Air Force Base’s Family Advocacy office. For dates, view the calendar above.

Parenting of Teens (Ages 13-17): This class is intended to help participants use humor, hope and empathy to build adult-teen relationships, provide boundaries and limits in a loving way, and teach consequences and healthy decision making. This class is six sessions, two hours long and will be held at the Chapel 2 conference room.

Managing Stress Like a Navy SEAL: This three-part workshop will class will help you identify sources of stress, common triggers and teach how to utilize some of the same techniques used by the Navy SEALS to reduce their stress. Come find out what it is like to really relax! This is a three-part seminar, one and a half hours each. This class will be held at Bldg. 5513, Family Advocacy Program/Mental Health Clinic conference room.

Anger Management:  This training is for anyone who would like to better understand anger or who struggles with others (or their own) emotions at times. This training is a four-part seminar, each class being two hours each. Training sessions will be held at the Family Advocacy Program/Mental Health Clinic conference room in Bldg. 5513.

New Pregnancy Orientation (OBO) & Dads4Dads Class 1: This one-session class will help all expectant parents to navigate their way through pregnancy. Participants will get information on steps to enroll their baby for benefits, nutrition, safety exercises, importance of good dental care, and information on how to have a safe pregnancy. This class also serves as Class 1 for the Dads4Dads class. All dads are highly encouraged to attend!

Dads4Dads Class 2: First Sergeant Dyjuan Washington will be leading this discussion for first time dads as well as dads who already have children. The class will address the basics about being a dad, from what to expect during pregnancy and delivery, diapering a baby, soothing a crying baby, to how to support your partner – all taught by an experienced dad. This is a MUST for all new or prospective dads! This class is the second in a three-part series.  Dads4Dads class 2 is offered every 4th Thursday of the month from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at the Family Advocacy conference room. Dads4Dads Class 3 will be held quarterly (next class is March 10) and is for dads whose baby is already home.

Childcare is available and fees are based on family income. Call 661-277-5292 in advance to make arrangements. All classes are open to active duty and are authorized for civilian and contract employees and their family members.
For more information, or to register, please call 661-277-5292.

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