AcqDemo team offers information about transition

In June 2016, some 13,000 Air Force Materiel Command employees will transition to the Department of Defense Civilian Acquisition Workforce Demonstration Project (AcqDemo) pay system.
Employees whose positions have been identified for conversion are being notified through their respective Centers. AcqDemo will cover mainly non-bargaining, supervisory and professional series employees. Exceptions to conversion include the following:
* Personnel in ranks above GS-15, such as SES
* Non-General Schedule (GS) employees; for example, Federal Wage System (FWS) employees (WG), leaders (WL), and supervisors (WS).
* Employees in organizations already participating in another personnel system, including their respective GS employees. Examples are the Air Force Research Laboratory’s Air Force Laboratory Personnel Demonstration (Lab Demo) Project and intelligence personnel participating in the Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System (DCIPS).
* Employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement.

Employees who convert into AcqDemo will have no loss of pay. GS employees who have accrued time toward their next Within Grade Increase (WGI) or Step Increase will receive a one-time “WGI buy-in” pay adjustment to compensate them for their time served under the GS pay system.
The buy-in is calculated based on the number of calendar weeks between the effective date of the employee’s last equivalent increase, i.e. WGI or promotion, and the date of the conversion into AcqDemo. Employees whose performance ratings are “acceptable” are generally eligible for a WGI buy-in. Exceptions to WGI eligibility are under the following situations:

* Employees who are at the 10th step of their grade
* Employees on retained pay
* Employees on retained grade who would not have received a WGI prior to expiration of their retained grade

The General Schedule to AcqDemo conversion calculator link at explains the AcqDemo buy-in process and provides a demo career path, broadband, and estimated WGI buy-in calculation. It is not intended to determine official conversion information. Official conversion information, including actual WGI buy-in amount, will be communicated to employees at the time of their conversion, through receipt of an SF-50, Notification of Personnel Action.
The employee notification letters also provide information about local and on-line training opportunities. The DoD AcqDemo Program Office has pledged support for the initial pre-conversion training of affected AFMC personnel and is providing on-site training at a number of AFMC locations with a high concentration of employees converting to AcqDemo. The training provided by the DoD AcqDemo Program Office consists of:

* AcqDemo Employee Orientation (3 hours) provided to all employees converting to the AcqDemo system (also available on-line as AcqDemo 101)
* Contribution-based Compensation System (CCAS) for supervisors course (8 hours) provided to supervisors of employees converting to AcqDemo (also available on-line)

Online courses can be found at Many AFMC installations are using MyETMS to schedule on-site AcqDemo courses. Training information may also be posted on Center AcqDemo sites, or can be found by contacting your Center’s AcqDemo team. During training, employees will be introduced to CAS2NET (Contribution-based Compensation and Appraisal System Software) which is an online reporting system of the Contribution-based Compensation and Appraisal System (CCAS). It is important to note that CAS2NET accounts will automatically be generated after conversion so there is no need to initiate the request for an account.

For additional information on AcqDemo:
* Within AFMC, contact HQ AFMC/A1KA, (937) 257-0112, DSN 787-0112
* DOD Civilian Acquisition Workforce Personnel Demonstration Project website

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