On base fire evacuation safety


The safety of Edwards Air Force Base personnel and the education of the base involving proper facility evacuation principles is only a portion of the Edwards Fire Department’s fire prevention goals.
Fire evacuation, whether it is fire discovery, word of mouth, facility intercom, or activation by an installed fire alarm system, shall be considered a real-world emergency situation.
AllL personnel/individuals shall evacuate their facility or facility you are occupying with everyone’s safety in mind. Four main subjects are explained below to allow all base personnel to understand emergency evacuation while optimizing safety. These subjects are initial evacuation, directed evacuation and meeting locations, special considerations, and emergency reporting notification.  
Evacuate the facility immediately and move to a safe area of at least 75 feet away. If you can activate the nearest fire alarm pull box, please do so with evacuation safety in mind.  DO NOT leave the evacuation meeting/rally location until 100 percent personnel accountability is established by the building custodian or supervisor. Absolutely no personnel may re-enter the facility until directed to do so by Fire Department emergency personnel.
If you are located at the AAFES Exchange, gas station, Commissary or Club Muroc, follow the direction of the employees and managers operating these facilities for safe evacuation.
Workplace personnel will evacuate their facilities in accordance with the facility fire evacuation plan. Facility managers will identify primary/alternate exit routes to include alternate Meeting/Rally locations, and will post a drawing of the evacuation plan in conspicuous locations near exits.
Some facilities may require special consideration for personnel with disabilities, or mission critical operations personnel that either need to remain inside particular areas of a facility, or require assistance during an evacuation. Under these circumstances facilities will be required to incorporate a facility operating instruction, which will describe the facility rooms and areas that require alternate evacuation plans, which will assist those with disabilities, or mission critical personnel.
Should you require guidance on completing an OI for your facility, contact the Fire Prevention Office for assistance.
Once you have evacuated to a safe location and call 911, or 661-277-4540/4541 for cell phone, users and provide the Emergency Communications dispatch personnel with the following information:

a. Nature of the emergency
b. Building number and location of emergency
c. Your name and telephone number you are calling from
e. Do not hang up until told to do so by the emergency dispatcher

Fire evacuation throughout the base is the most important aspect of Edwards AFB Fire Department education, and without training, guidance and continual interaction, we may begin to see potential injuries or loss of life.
Our dedication to prevent all injuries and ensure 100% accountability of the base populous during emergency/non-emergency situations is the #1 priority for the Edwards Fire Department.
For more information, call the Fire Prevention office at 661-277-3643.