Even the ‘lazy’ can get into shape with fitness center challenge

Col. David Radomski, 412th Test Wing vice commander, receives a Lazy Man Triathlon t-shirt from Andrew Neises, Rosburg Fitness Center, Feb. 7. The colonel completed the Lazy Man Triathlon by running, swimming and biking around Edwards, achieving the triathlon goals, which are four times the Ironman Triathlon distances. Just done at his own pace.

Have you ever wanted to complete a triathlon but didn’t have the time to train or the desire to compete?

Well, the Rosburg Fitness Center has a program to help people get into shape and complete a triathlon at a more personal and manageable pace.
It’s called the Lazy Man Triathlon.

Like a normal triathlon, it’s accomplished by completing set distances in three different events – normally swimming, cycling and running. The difference is that the Lazy Man Triathlon allows the individual to complete the distances at their own pace and schedule.

The rules for the Edwards AFB Lazy Man Triathlon are:

1. All events must be accomplished at Edwards AFB’s fitness facilities such as documented base bike and running trails and events sanctioned/organized by an Edwards unit or organization. Examples are 5K runs, biathlons and triathlons.
2. The distances for the three events can be performed in any order. For example, you can bike 10 miles, swim 800 meters; then bike 12 miles and run three miles the next day. Any order, just track it on the sheet you get from the fitness center.
3. Participants can take as long as they need to compete for a prize.
4.     Distances are four times the Ironman Triathlon distances. Participants need to swim 9.6 miles or rounded to 15449.7 meters (1 mile equals 1609.34 meters). Water events can be done at the Oasis or Sonic swimming pools, or on the rowing machines at the gym. The Oasis Pool is 25 meters in length and the rowing machine measures distance in meters. For this reason, water event distances are recorded in meters.

Cycling may be accomplished on established bike courses, upright and recumbent stationary bikes, or indoor cycling classes. The goal for cycling is 448 miles. Since spinning bikes do not have measuring devices, a one-hour cycling class is equivalent to 20 miles.

The distance goal for running is 104 miles, run or walk. This may be accomplished on established running trails or on a treadmill at the gym.

“I’ve been told the Edwards fitness center is the oldest in the Air Force and we’ve been working hard to get construction funds to build a new one, which is desperately needed, but it’s going to take a while,” said Col. David Radomski, 412th Test Wing vice commander, and recent Lazy Man Triathlon finisher. “In the meantime, [Peter Smith,  Rosburg Fitness Center director] and his team are doing a great job by keeping things fresh with new ideas like these programs, new equipment, and anything they can do to better serve the fitness community here at Edwards.”

Drop by the gym’s front desk now to sign up and get started on the Lazy Man Triathlon. For more information, call 661-275-GYM1.


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