News Briefs – March 11, 2016

Car Seat Check Announcement

Did you know child restraint systems (car seats) are misused 73 percent of the time? Did you know booster seats have been shown to reduce the risk of serious injury by 45 percent compared to seatbelts alone for children ages 4-8 years? In conjunction with Team Edwards Day March 14, the 412th Test Wing Safety Office will be hosting an infant/child car seat check. The California Highway Patrol will be available from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. in the BX parking lot to inspect your child’s car seat and make sure you are using the appropriate seat, it is installed correctly, and has not been recalled. Come out and take advantage of this free service. For more information, call the 412th TW Safety Office at 661-277-4640.

Resilience class

The next Resilience class is 7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m., March 16 in Bldg. 2460, Room A. Those interested in attending should contact Nancy Koch-Castillo at 661-277-6711 or email Through this course you will learn 11 life skills through PowerPoint presentations addressing Resilience–the ability to withstand, recover and/or grow in the face of stressors and changing demands) through the four Comprehensive Airman Fitness domains.

Club scholarship

By being an Air Force club member you’ll have special access to prize giveaways and unique opportunities? For the past 17 years, the Air Force Club Scholarship Program has provided college tuition assistance to more than 440 Air Force club members and/or their eligible family members. This year the Air Force Club Scholarship Program will again offer this program to all Air Force club members. In past years, entrants were asked to submit an essay and although this option is still available (essay must now be 1,000 words), this year we would like to highly encourage entrants to submit a five minute video.  Entrants can complete their on-line entry form, paste their essay or video link and upload the two letters of recommendation.  The web is filled with video examples–for ideas check out BuzzFeed, Watchout, or CrashCourse. For more information, eligibility, and entry please visit:

Release of student data

Important information on the Release of Confidential Student Data is now available at The Release of Student Data pertains to all California students since Jan. 1, 2008. It is important that you read the message carefully as the deadline for taking action is April 1, 2016. Current/former students who are 18 or older are responsible for filing their own objection to the release of data. For more information, call Donna Eichling at 661-277-2456.

Online tutoring program

The Department of Defense Voluntary Education Program is offering a pilot program that provides online tutoring to DOD service members at no cost. Service members can connect to a live tutor online at any time for one-on-one anonymous help with homework, test preparation, proofreading and more. The program was established to help ensure service members have the necessary tools and resources to reach their higher learning and professional development goals. The program provides tutoring services with background-checked experts able to help with more than 40 college subjects to include English, algebra, statistics, physics, accounting, history, physiology and world languages, in addition to writing projects such as research papers and creative essays. To create an account, visit and click the blue button that corresponds to your branch of service. If you have questions about the for U.S. Military program, please email

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