Adopt a desert dinosaur!

Air Force photograph by Kenji Thuloweit

Biologists at the 412th Civil Engineer Group, Environmental Management Division, are seeking more base residents or families willing to foster a desert tortoise.

PCS season is fast approaching and Environmental Management is looking to develop a list of potential foster parents before the rush.
Captive desert tortoises have to remain in captivity throughout their lives.

Since they can live 75 years, some individual animals have lived in Edwards housing since the 1970s.

Desert tortoises are vegetarians and generally very low maintenance. Having a dog or cat does not prevent you from adopting a desert tortoise.
Adoption is free. New foster parents will receive literature and guidance on building an outside burrow from Environmental Management.

For more information, contact biologist Mark Bratton at 661-277-1417.

Courtesy photograph

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