AFMC successfully transitions to Acquisition Workforce Personnel Demonstration Project

Some 12,500 Air Force Materiel Command civilian employees have transitioned to the Acquisition Workforce Demonstration Project, or AcqDemo, pay system, effective June 12, 2016.

Under AcqDemo, employees no longer carry their general schedule, or GS, designation and numbered grade. Instead, they have been placed in one of three broadbands comparable to their previous grade and salary.

“AcqDemo is enabling us to do what is most important for us to accomplish our mission, and that is hiring, developing and caring for our civilian workforce,” said Gen. Ellen M. Pawlikowski, AFMC commander. “I am personally committed because it is critically important to the success of this command.”

AcqDemo allows greater managerial control over personnel processes and functions and expands opportunities for employees through a more responsive and flexible personnel system. The new pay system retains, recognizes and rewards employees for their contribution rather than performance, and also supports their personal and professional growth.

To sync up with the AcqDemo appraisal cycle of Oct. 1 to Sept. 30, the current appraisal cycle for transitioned employees has been modified to three months and will end on Sept. 30. During the beginning of each appraisal cycle, employees and their supervisors will complete an employee contribution plan to project an employee’s impact on the organization’s mission. At the end of each appraisal cycle, employees will complete their self-assessments to measure their contributions and also create new contribution plans for the following cycle. Pay pools will be conducted from October through December and, where applicable, employee raises and award pay-out in January.

AcqDemo covers mainly non-bargaining, supervisory and professional series employees. The command will continue to explore expanding AcqDemo to all AFMC civilians.

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