October is Cyber Security Awareness Month

Earlier this year, a very publicized malicious software, or malware, called WannaCry plagued many machines affecting airports, banks, hospitals and many other facilities.

This virus took computer systems hostage, threatening to delete files.

WannaCry required a fee to be paid before the computer would be released and was spread using email, Dropbox links and other hyperlink media.

To raise awareness for events that can happen nationwide, across the Air Force, and even on Edwards AFB, below are three of the high importance items when encountering computer malware.

When any indications of malware appear on your work computer
* Do not turn the system off
* Disconnect the network cable
* Notify the Wing Cyber Security Office at 277-0658 for coordination/investigation

Additionally, documenting as much as possible will help investigators determine how to help or resolve the issue.

Remember, computer users have the highest likelihood of identifying when something is wrong with your system. Help from users is pivotal in keeping the cyber world moving in the right direction.

Check out themes and tips for Cyber Security Awareness Month 2017 by clicking here. For more information about cyber security, visit the following websites:

Department of Homeland Security – National Cyber Security Awareness Month
FBI – National Cybersecurity Awareness Month
AF Portal – Cyber Secure

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