412th EWG member’s innovative idea lands $5,000 bonus

Kyle Schaller of the 771st Test Squadron at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., created a new and unique data analysis method to close the gap on a current Air Force vulnerability.

Due to his innovative efforts, Schaller received a Special Act in Service award that resulted in a $5,000 bonus.

His efforts were further recognized by the 412th Test Wing by his selection of Innovator of the Year as well as the Innovative Team of the Year in 2016. These wins garnered a total of 24 hours of time off to be enjoyed for his out-of-the-box innovative thinking within the confines of a classified program.

Don’t let security classifications be a barrier to innovation.

Kyle orchestrated four F-22 sorties that optimized test profiles to enable data collection that saved 75 percent of the innovation project’s planned $600,000 budget and increased test efficiency by 25 percent. The significant improvements came at no cost to the program and reduced classified footprint by 18 percent.

He also mentored 14 engineers from various disciplines vital to successful flight test execution, data collection and data analysis methods at the 411th Flight Test Squadron. All this collaboration enabled him to meticulously analyze more than 100 hours of mission data to provide a statistically defensible conclusion to the program office and Air Combat Command.

These incentives are available and out there for all. Taking the initiative to make your ideas a reality is the first step in changing Edwards Air Force Base and the Air Force.

Former 412th Electronic Warfare Group commander Col. Leland Davis poses for a photo with Kyle Schaller, 771st Test Squadron, and a large check Schaller received for an innovative idea.

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