2019 USAF Test Pilot School applications due May 29

A past United States Air Force Test Pilot School Class poses in front of the NF-104 display in front of the school house. 2019 TPS applications are due May 29, 2019.

Application packages for the 2019 U.S. Air Force Test Pilot School selection board are due by May 29.

The board is set to convene at the Air Force’s Personnel Center July 29 through Aug. 2, and will consider Total Force officer and current Air Force civilian applicants to attend training as early as July 2020. Officers may apply to become a test pilot, test combat systems officer or test remotely piloted aircraft pilot. Both officers and civilians interested in flight test engineer positions are encouraged to apply. Applicants from all aircraft types and backgrounds must have strong academic and technical experience.

In the interest of supporting multi-domain operations, the Air Force has expanded the list of eligible Air Force Specialty Codes for the experimental flight test engineer course to include officers from the 17D, Cyberspace Operations Officer, and 13S, Space Operations Officer career fields. Officers with a 17D or 13S core AFSC are highly encouraged to apply for TPS.

“Test pilot school ensures Air Force mission dominance by training officers and civilians to lead and conduct full-spectrum testing and evaluation of aerospace weapons systems,” said Maj. James McDonald, AFPC assignments officer.

According to McDonald, civilian applications for flight test engineers are handled much like the military application process for test pilot positions with minute differences detailed in Air Force Instruction 99-107 and the TPS PSDM. Civilians compete directly for flight engineer spots and the selection board racks and stacks them in the same pool as military applicants. Any Department of the Air Force civilian selected for TPS will be required to sign a mobility agreement as well as a 5-year Continued Service Agreement.

The USAF TPS trains pilots, CSOs and flight engineers to develop, test and evaluate the newest aircraft and weapons systems and program graduates earn a Master of Science in Flight Test Engineering through Air University. In addition, the school conducts exchange programs with the U.S. Naval, United Kingdom and French test pilot schools to train fixed and rotary wing pilots and flight test engineers.

McDonald said applicants should use the new forms attached to this year’s TPS Personnel Services Delivery Memorandum on myPers or available on the TPS website, rather than the forms posted on the Air Force e-Publishing website. Also new this year is a template for a Resume of Flying Experience.

Find additional information about rank requirements, eligibility criteria, process and other specifics on myPers. Select “Any” from the dropdown menu and search “Test Pilot.”

For more information about Air Force personnel programs, visit the AFPC public website.

New forms for USAF TPS application:
Form 1711 — https://www.edwards.af.mil/Portals/50/documents/TPS/Form%201711%20(2019).pdf?ver=2019-03-22-124359-853
Form 1712 — https://www.edwards.af.mil/Portals/50/documents/TPS/Form%201711%20(2019).pdf?ver=2019-03-22-124359-853
Resume of Flying Experience — https://www.edwards.af.mil/Portals/50/documents/TPS/Resume%20of%20Flying%20Experience%20(2019).pdf?ver=2019-03-22-124359-260


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