TW commander addresses Team Edwards during commander’s call

The 412th Test Wing Commander, Brig. Gen. E. John Teichert, addresses Airmen and civilian personnel during a Commander's Call event at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., Aug. 7, 2019. (Air Force photograph by Richard Gonzales)

The 412th Test Wing leadership addressed the Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., community during a quarterly Commander’s Call and awards ceremony Aug. 7, 2019.

The 412th Test Wing Commander, Brig. Gen. E. John Teichert, addressed those in attendance, as well as those watching the live-stream of the event. He discussed some of the highlights of the Wing during the past quarter, as well as to remind his team of the historic work done at Edwards, specifically dating back to the Apollo moon-landing missions 50 years ago.

“A month ago, the world celebrated the 50th anniversary of man setting foot on the moon; Apollo 11. I want you guys to know that even 50 years ago, we were making an impact on everything that happened in the aerospace world,” he said.

Teichert said the base played substantial roles in testing the Saturn 5 rocket and many of the materials used on the Apollo spacecraft.

“They did so by piggy-backing on some X-15 test flights; we played a large role in developing and testing the lunar lander here at Edwards, and we developed, tested, and ultimately executed with the airborne communication node that kept that mission tied in to mission control throughout its duration,” Teichert said. “You all are making just as much of an impact today by what you do, than they did 50 years ago for Apollo 11.”

Teichert also highlighted some of the accomplishments of the Wing in the last quarter alone such as winning the Collier Trophy, “the nation’s most prestigious aerospace award for AGCAS, you started testing hypersonic weapons, true-autonomous and artificial intelligence platforms, finished up testing the Orion space capsule, and started to prepare for Trainer X and B-21.”

Teichert lauded these accomplishments, while still being able to provide support to Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake following a series of earthquakes in early July.

Chief Master Sgt. Ian Eishen, the 412th Test Command Chief Master Sergeant, then talked about upcoming “test” programs that is aimed at enabling newly-promoted noncommissioned officers to better integrate themselves into their new rank and to earn a better understanding of their expanded responsibilities and expectations. The Wing’s Technical Director, Dan Osburn, also talked about career-enhancing educational opportunities that he said base personnel should take advantage of.

Following their comments, the quarterly award winners were announced:

2nd Quarter (April-June, 2019)

Airman of the Quarter
Senior Airman Joshua Galas
412th MDG
NCO of the Quarter
Tech. Sgt. Juan Valles
412th MSG
SNCO of the Quarter
Master Sgt. Patrick McManaman
412th MXG
CGO of the Quarter
2nd Lt. Morgan Mavroudis
412 MSG
FGO of the Quarter
Maj. Sarah Summers
412th EWG
Honor Guard of the Quarter
Staff Sgt. Kyle Floyd
412th MSG
Supervision/Management of the Quarter
Christopher Romero
412th MXG
Scientific/Engineering of the Quarter
Hoai “Ashley” Vu
412th CEG
Staff/Technician of the Quarter
Yasna Jordon
412th MXG
Trades & Labor of the Quarter
James Swoboda
412th MXG
Administrator/CSS of the Quarter
Kayla Marotta
Plant 42
Specialist/Analyst of the Quarter
Michele Burch
412th CEG
Program Manager of the Quarter
John Streets
412th TENG
Team of the Quarter
Wing COMSEC Office
412th MSG
CTF Team of the Quarter
F-35 Mission Systems Team
412th TENG
Volunteer of the Quarter
Airman 1st Class Maileya Luna
412th MXG
Innovator of the Quarter
Brandon Hyneman
412th TENG
Innovation Team of the Quarter
Generator Engine Oil Analysis Team
412th CEG
Safety Well Done of the Quarter
Bomber Loading Standardization Crew
412th MXG
For the Warfighter of the Quarter
Maj. Matthew Welch
412th OG