Space Test Fundamentals Class, USGS collect data at Rogers Dry Lake

Recently, students from Space Test Fundamentals Class 21-2 and the United States Geological Survey conducted data acquisition at Rogers Dry Lake Bed at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif.

The team worked together to measure the solar radiance and surface reflectance of the lakebed, at the same time Landsat 8 was passing overhead collecting imagery of the same area.

This data will be used in conjunction with flight test imagery gathered by the Test Pilot School as part of a Multi-Domain test exercise. The research is part of STF-21-2’s capstone project.

Space Teste Fundamentals is a three-month class at the U.S. Air Force Test Pilot School at Edwards. It is designed to provide hands-on training in flight test fundamentals, systems test, space science application, advanced space system test and evaluation, and broad exposure to the foremost centers of space operations and testing.

The course culminates in a two-week realistic capstone exercise to evaluate student’s knowledge. 

“The final capstone project pulls elements together as the students build a test plan, execute a test, analyze the results, and provide a report — which is ultimately the product that we, as testers, provide to our customers and warfighters,” said Dr. Andrew Freeborn, a USAF TPS flight test instructor pilot.

(Air Force photograph)

The course creates a common training and education baseline for space testers.

“Having a well-trained and skilled test and engineering workforce is central to the USSF delivering effective and resilient combat capabilities to and from space,” said Col. Nick Hague, USSF Test and Evaluation director.

The course enables the USSF to enhance its test and evaluation mission and multiply its ability to deliver combat-ready space forces.

“This course is a critical step in training the space test professionals we need – operators, engineers, and acquisition test managers with the knowledge and experience necessary to transform test for the future,” said Hague, a NASA astronaut.

The students form the initial cadre of USSF space test professionals and represent a new era in space test and evaluation.

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