CMS sweeps field against AGE

Photo by Airman 1st Class RIDGE SHAN

The 56th Component Maintenance Squadron topped out against the 56th Equipment Maintenance Squadron Aircrew Ground Equipment team 20-6 in a dominant showing during a flag football match, Feb. 4 at Luke Air Force Base.

Both teams scored early, demonstrating their play styles in the first quarter, with EMS/AGE running wide and out long-pass plays with a quarterback scramble as a last resort while CMS played a wide variety of quick-release short-pass plays to nimble receivers on both inside and outside routes.

“It was a clean game,” said Israel Dominguez, 56th CMS aircraft electrical and environmental specialist. “We held them to six points, and the game went by fast. Everything went as planned, and everyone was clicking on all cylinders.”

The tipping point came as the CMS defense adjusted in the start of the second quarter to leverage heavier coverage on EMS/AGE’s long passing game while insuring pressure at the line of scrimmage to contain the quarterback. EMS/AGE’s defense was unable to show similar success, being thrown off-balance by the CMS offense’s consistent mix of quick-release passes in the mid-to-short range and lightning-quick movement at the quarterback position.

“Our QB play was great and our defensive line stepped up,” said Trevor Stark, 56th EMS egress maintainer and team captain.

CMS advanced up the field at a consistent pace for the remainder of the game, doubling their score before the half, and closing the game with a touchdown and two-point conversion.

“Our opponent isn’t an easy team to beat,” Stark said. “They’re always a good challenge, and we’ll see them in the playoffs.”

CMS is optimistic about their future projections, deriving confidence from championship titles in previous seasons. The players hope their success and the success of every team generates more interest in later games.

“No matter which squadron is playing, we’re always having fun out here,” Dominguez said. “It’s always a good time when everybody comes out and cheers us on.”